TBLI Nostalgia-Amsterdam, Speaking Engagements, Foundation

TBLI CONFERENCE Europe 2003 was held in Amsterdam at the beautiful Beurs van Berlage. If you look at the program, TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2003, you will recognise many of the thought leaders in the ESG and Impact Investing. I particularly enjoyed Michael Braungart, Cradle to Cradle: Design for the Triple Top Line, and Robert Monks, CEO, Shareholder Activist and Corporate Governance Advisor – RAGM, and Hirotoshi Kunitomo  from METI – Ministry Of The Economy, Trade And Industry. 

I found an old testimonial film from the archives, which was nice to watch. Quality not very good, so I apologise for that.

TBLI Testimonials

Speaking engagements

Busy year this year. I have been asked to speak at several events. Hope to see you there or at TBLI

Interview Real Leaders

Creating Global Well-being Through The Economy



Check out Freakonomics Podcast on the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund. How it got to be so big ($850 billion) and the dilemmas of trying to invest in sustainability, when most of the money comes from oil and gas revenue.

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Carbon Tax Success, and $ 21 Trillion in Assets

TBLI Nostalgia

In 2006, we held our first event in Asia. Bangkok, Thailand would be the host for TBLI CONFERENCE ASIA for the next 3 years. We really enjoyed hosting it there. Wonderful people, fantastic support, lots of fun, great food, beautiful Thai musicians, oh yeah almost forgot. The programs and networking were first class. I particularly enjoyed Piyasvasti Amranand, Minister of Energy and Senator Mechai Viravaidya, Founder and Chairman – Population And Community Development Association – Thailand.

The entire event was spectacular as you can see from the video and photos. I got quite emotional watching the film, as it brought back wonderful memories convening TBLI all these years. Many friendships were started and communities were forged. I was certainly younger. We even had a journalist from Dutch Radio, VPRO interviewing the various thought leaders.

Below is a video with impressions of that first TBLI in Asia. You can find more impressions of other TBLI CONFERENCES, maybe you will find a photo of yourself or friend. I apologise for the bad quality, but I was going through the archives and came across this video. Sorry if  you are not a Joni Mitchell fan, but I am.

Please join us in Singapore for TBLI CONFERENCE ASIA April 29-30 to create new memories.

Thailand 4 Thailand 5 Thailand 3 Thailand 1


How to adopt a Winning Carbon Tax. British Columbia has shown that it can work. Good reading.  British Columbia, Canada, implemented a carbon tax in 1998 and was a success. What can we learn from them.

ESG investments world wide reached $ 21 Trillion, according to Gloabal Sustainable Investment Review 2014, compiled by Global Sustainable Investment Alliance. The report covers all the different strategies.

  • Negative/exclusionary screening,
  • Positive/best-in-class screening,
  • Norms-based screening,
  • Integration of ESG factors,
  • Sustainability-themed investing,
  • Impact/community investing, and
  • Corporate engagement and shareholder action.

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Ending Coal and TBLI Nostalgia

TBLI Nostalgia

TBLI Asia 2011 was held in Tokyo, at the Four Seasons, in the year of Fukushima and the Tsunami. For TBLI it was our most challenging event, as many of the sponsors pulled out and because of radiation fears, attendance dropped, so financially it was very tough.

The event was spectacular, with respect to content and quality of attendees. I particularly enjoyed the speech by Hiroshi Komiyama and Doris Schoneman. Hiroshi Komiyama, Chairman of the Institute,  Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. spoke on The Revitalization for Japan – The Platinum Society. He described the Platinum society as a vision of the 21st century based upon ecological balance, with the participation by all including seniors, lifelong learning, abundant in job opportunities, creating a sustainable society. This would be achieved by what he called green, silver, gold and various innovations.

Doris Schoneman, Vice-Chairperson – Swiss Federal Social Security Fund AVS/AI/APG gave an excellent talk about the need for pension funds to radically change.

The person who really made the event a reality was George Curuby, by providing the support and resources for the event to take place. We will be eternally in his debt. George Thank you.

Here are some impressions of the event.











I recently heard an amazing story how the Sierra Club was able to “block 90% of proposed coal-fired power plants (182 in all) and shut down a third of the existing coal plants in the nation—165 and counting” (The Good Fight Episode 24). The story is the ultimate David and Goliath. David won and it is absolutely inspiring to all of us who think the challenges are too large. Check it out!


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TBLI History, Business Schools and Podcasts


TBLI has been held 27 times over the years, in many different countries. One of the most memorable events was Paris, 2006. We had a spectacular location at the Palais Brogniart, and kept it there for 2 years. Unbelievable food. I should say food art. Fantastic program. One particular session that stands out was a session on Faith Consistent Investing, with representatives from the Catholic, Islamic, Jewish and Shinto Community. The room was packed and we were all happily surprised by the interest. Definitely worth repeating and we will this year.

These photos brings back great memories, particularly the two boys at the bottom. Sam and Silas, my sons.

20061109_028920061109_0239 copy20061109_0192
20061109_0013 copy
Sustainability now key selling point for business schools attracting students

After years of neglect, students are now demanding business courses include sustainability on the syllabus . Good to hear.

Good News!

I was catching up on my podcasts. One particular podcast that is a great inspiration is  The Good Fight. The podcast highlights people who are fighting the good fight for the benefit of all. When I was listening to the various inspiring heros and what they did to achieve their goals, understaffed, underfunded, against great odds,  without any fanfare or special attention it really lifted my spirits. Most important they were successful.  It reminded me of TBLI and the work we do, as well as all of those in our network. All working to improve the social and environmental condition. Check out the podcast and listen to the Win List. A weekly list of progressive wins. Good dose of good news. Oh yes. Come join our community working to create an economy based upon well being by attending TBLI.


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