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Interview with Robert Rubinstein

Robert Rubinstein
Alliance magazine

A recent interview I did with Alliance Magazine has been published.


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TBLI Foundation to help Scale ESG and Impact Investing

Over the years, while we’ve been organizing educational Conferences, training and events on triple bottom line investing for financial professionals, we’ve seen the TBLI community grow. Many people have told us how they’ve benefited from our work; you may be one of those. And interest in ESG and Impact Investment continues to rise—a development we’re very happy about!

We’ve been exploring different ways to scale our work and serve a larger community, and have determined that a non-profit foundation, with a primarily educational mission, is the optimal structure.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the TBLI Foundation, a non-profit that will help us to serve the ESG and Impact Investment community more effectively and comprehensively. The TBLI Foundation (Stichting TBLI) has been created under Dutch law.

Our mission is to help mobilize money flows into ESG and Impact Investing, by offering conferences, educational services and investor research and tools

TBLI Conference Series

Starting in 2014, TBLI Foundation will financially support TBLI Conferences. Content from the ongoing conference series will be made more broadly available to investment professionals and the public via reports, webinars, white-papers and video interviews. Partnerships with educational institutions and like-minded nonprofits will also be created. The geographic scope of the conferences will expand to emerging markets.

Importantly, the Foundation will implement a digital model to facilitate access to content and interactions among participants in the community.

TBLI Foundation is also establishing academic partnerships with selected leading international business schools to host the conferences, with participation expanded to include students and alumni. To date, TBLI academic partners include Wharton, NYU Stern,  BI-Norwegian School of Management, Copenhagen Business School, Kellogg School of Management and Booth School of Business, Hult Business School, Free University Amsterdam, Florida International University;  several others will be confirmed shortly.


TBLI Conferences will be expanded to a broader audience, including wealth holders (institutional investors, private investors, family offices), finance professionals, social entrepreneurs and business students.

Content from TBLI Conference workshops and plenaries will be more widely published. Content will be expanded in cooperation with TBLI to business school partners.

Spotlight Video Series of 60-80 interviews with TBLI thought leaders and practitioners will be distributed online.

TBLI will support integration of sustainable finance into the business school curricula for students undergraduate, graduate executive education students in Europe, Asia and the North America, initially.

What We are Asking of Donors

am asking you as one of TBLI’s committed participants to become a TBLI Founder, Patron, Supporter, or Friend. Financial support will help us scale up our work and evolve our operating model. We are seeking € 750.000 to support our implementation of a nonprofit structure combining digital tools with conferences and content produced in partnership with academic institution partners. That initial funding will enable the Foundation to begin generating sufficient revenue to become self-sustaining. 

Support TBLI Foundation

Those who make a donation will be clearly recognized as TBLI Founder, TBLI Patron, TBLI Supporter, or TBLI Friend.

Levels of Giving:

• TBLI Founder- Euros 5000+
• TBLI Patron- Euros 2500+ up to 5000
• TBLI Supporter-Euros 1000+ up to 2500
• TBLI Friend- Euros 250 up to 1000

-Donations accepted via paypal, here

-Donations via Bank Transfer:

Stichting TBLI
Knsmlaan 53
1019 LB Amsterdam
ING Iban : NL58 INGB 0006 3272 56
Bank nr 6327256

If you require a tax efficient channel, TBLI has partnered with the global donor-advised fund SharedImpact to offer individual supporters of TBLI in the United Kingdom and the United States a tax-efficient channel through which they can make donations to TBLI.  For more information visit Shared Impact

Thank you.

We are extremely grateful for your support.

Robert Rubinstein

TBLI Foundation

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TBLI Foundation

After playing an important role in creating a global sustainable finance movement for the past 16 years with 24 TBLI CONFERENCES, we are excited to see a groundswell of interest in ESG and Impact Investment around the globe, coming from such diverse groups as institutional investors, family offices, HNW, social entrepreneurs and academia.  To help advance the discussion and in line with our educational mission, we are scaling up our activities in ESG and Impact Investing to reach a wider audience – in the financial sector and beyond. In the coming years,
we plan to do the following:
  1. Improve the global outreach of TBLI CONFERENCES – by offering additional events, with increased content on emerging economies.
  2. Broaden the thematic scope of TBLI CONFERENCES by including special sessions on topics of regional and common interest.
  3. Publish the content of TBLI CONFERENCE workshops and plenaries via documentation and white-papers developed in cooperation with business schools,  and  making that content publicly available;
  4. Produce a Spotlight Video Series of 60-80 interviews with thought leaders and practitioners at TBLI CONFERENCE to be distributed online. The aim is to educate the investment community and the public, and to raise awareness on sustainable finance.
  5. Support the integration of sustainable finance into the curricula for business school students and executive education. We are partnering with selected business schools in Europe, Asia and the US.
To assist us in funding these efforts, we have created the TBLI Foundation.  TBLI Foundation is partnering with SharedImpact to receive grants and donations in a tax-efficient manner, as a non-profit entity (501(c)(3)) for donors in the United States, a registered charity for donors in the UK, a registered charity for donors in Hong Kong, and a charitable vehicle for The Netherlands.

I would like to ask for your help in these efforts by supporting TBLI Foundation through SharedImpact.

Thank you.


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2014- Great Tipping Point Year

I want to wish you all a spectacular 2014. For my team and me, and the entire Values Based Financial system, it is looking to be a watershed year.

Doing the heavy lifting–or farming as I call it, rather than hunting–is often quite tough and needs a continuous boost of inspiration. I was thinking who within my close inner circle gives me that inspiration to keep going. There were so many, far too many to count, but two in particular stood out last year.


Rieki Crins-Rubinstein is the most authentic, genuine, passionate, committed person I’ve ever met. She is in-your-face telling her authentic truth, no matter how uncomfortable that might be. As a social entrepreneur, she decided to go for an achievable moon shot:  create a wholly new hospitality concept in a frontier market (Bhutan), with the goal of achieving financial returns for investors, and most importantly, creating jobs for unemployed youth. In addition, on top of creating a chain of 5 star culturally authentic and carbon neutral hotels, she is starting a vocational school for teaching hospitality and entrepreneurship.  What drives her is the fulfillment that she gets from helping an individual grow, not the cash in the bank.

In spite of her negative feelings about the world, she is one of the most passionate lovers of life individuals I know. She has shown me the true meaning of generosity, kindness, passion, and love. Rieki is a great mother, caregiver, amazing cook, fantastic sense of humor, and has a brilliant mind. Even with a PhD in anthropology, she still enjoys silly reality TV, which is why my wife Rieki is, and will remain, my greatest inspiration.

Michael Knagenhjelm is a dear friend, TBLI Ambassador and one of the most positive, generous people I know. He has waged an on-again, off-again battle with cancer for a very long time. He never lets that bring him down;  he keeps fighting and winning. Sometimes there would be a relapse, but his spirit never wavered, Nor did his commitment to create an economy based upon well being.

Recently he had another relapse, and while still going through on chemotherapy, he would be calling me and guiding and mentoring me as to how to scale TBLI up. He opened doors for us, helping us expand and create TBLI Nordic—our first Conference in the region. When I visited him last year, he organized a beautiful dinner with his wife and had friends over. The entire time, his health was taking its toll on his body, but never on his spirit.

I have watched Michael deal with adversity. I saw how in spite of the pain he still has the strength to help others, and all the time being playful and fun. Definitely a TBLI hero. Thank you, Michael.


Over the years, we have received numerous enquiries by grant-making foundations and individuals about whether TBLI had a charitable vehicle to accept grants and donations. We are pleased to announce that Stichting (Foundation) TBLI has now been set up to receive donations in a tax-efficient manner and is now partnering with SharedImpact – the global donor-advised fund. Later this year, we will have a non-profit entity (501(c)(3)) for donors and grant-makers in the United States, a registered charity for donors in the UK, a registered charity for donors in Hong Kong, and a charitable vehicle for The Netherlands. This will allow us to scale up our educational outreach on ESG and Impact Investing to asset owners and managers, and to pursue partnerships with other non-profits with missions similar to ours. We look forward to working with our network as we transform TBLI for our stakeholders around the world.

I think this will be a great year for all of us.