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Independence or Interdependence Day

July 4th is the day that most Americans celebrate their independence from the British. For me, it is...阅读全文

Scaling Impact Investing


Excited about our upcoming event in Zurich. This wil...阅读全文

How to educate staff about ESG and Impact Investing?

For 15 yearsTBLI CONFERENCE™has been educating asset owners, managers, service providers to financial sector about ESG and Impact Investing. What seemed nearly impossible, namely how do you get those that influence investment decisions to look at the social, environmental and governance impact as well as the financial returns.It is not that difficult. The financial sector is quite predictable group and needs to see three things before they change behavior:
  • Self Interests-What's in it for me
  • Opportunity-Where can I invest
  • Money Flows-Where is ...

TBLI Club, TBLI Speaking, ESG Leaders Awards

We launched thTBLI Clubin Paris on Sept. 4th at BNP Paribas and held our second TBLI Club in Amsterdam at ABNAMRO. Both were a great success with an excellent talk on Impact Investing by Gloria Nelund, former CEO of Deutsche Wealth Management USA. Her presentation can be found on Pathable for all club members."Thanks for the great gathering last week. How did you feel about it? I received good feedback from several people. there was really good ebergy being shared! " Eric Buckens, ABNAMROBusy month this month with speaking engagements on Strategic Importance of ESG and Impact Investing:-The talk atLH Forum in Le Havre, France September 13-14, 2012 went extremely well. Very large turnout for first time event The aim of the Positive and Responsible Economy Movement, the ambition of the LH Forum, is to bring together the participants of an economy which contributes in a positive manner to society and its different stakeholders; a virtuous, balanced and fair economy placing people at its heart.Future Speaking Engagements-NET Impact Lecture on Social Finance September 20th, 201...阅读全文