Renewable are destroying fossil fuel power generation model

Met a guy from Clingendael  Think Tank at a talk I was giving, recently. He said fuel free energy (renewable) will kill fossil fuel energy business model. How can renewables make money if fuel is free. I looked at him puzzled and really didn’t understand what the problem was. Isn’t that what capitalism does, look for better model, creative destruction, etc. If fuel free is a better modal for jobs and environmental impact, what’s the problem?

Renewables Make German Power Market Design Defunct, Utility Says

By Rachel Morison Bloomberg – Jun 26, 2012
Electricity generation from renewable energy in Germany is reducing power prices and has left the country with a market whose design no longer works, according to Stadtwerke Leipzig GmbH. Click here for entire article


Fuel Free Energy

It still amazes me with all the proof about the vast opportunity that “fuel free” (renewable energy) offers, that we are still having to fight for the obvious. Lobbyists are working overtime to convince policy makers that fossil fuels still need 10 x more subsidies that renewable energy. Here are three articles providing some facts. Now the trick is transforming proof to belief.
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Money Flows into Impact Investing

  1. Interesting all the interest in impact investing.
    I often had heated conversations with asset managers and asset owners about Impact Investing products.
    Are they professional? Do they provide returns? Is it serious? Isn’t it just philanthropy?
    I find this quite amusing, when Impact Investment has faired quite well and it is not correlated.
    In addition, if we look at three “mainstream professional” products that have performed poorly,
    the comments about Impact Investing are even more amusing:
    -10 years of bad performance of listed equities
    -CDOs backed by mortgages that created the meltdown
    -Sovereign Debt that is leading to  another financial crisis

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