Carbon Tax Success, and $ 21 Trillion in Assets

TBLI Nostalgia

In 2006, we held our first event in Asia. Bangkok, Thailand would be the host for TBLI CONFERENCE ASIA for the next 3 years. We really enjoyed hosting it there. Wonderful people, fantastic support, lots of fun, great food, beautiful Thai musicians, oh yeah almost forgot. The programs and networking were first class. I particularly enjoyed Piyasvasti Amranand, Minister of Energy and Senator Mechai Viravaidya, Founder and Chairman – Population And Community Development Association – Thailand.

The entire event was spectacular as you can see from the video and photos. I got quite emotional watching the film, as it brought back wonderful memories convening TBLI all these years. Many friendships were started and communities were forged. I was certainly younger. We even had a journalist from Dutch Radio, VPRO interviewing the various thought leaders.

Below is a video with impressions of that first TBLI in Asia. You can find more impressions of other TBLI CONFERENCES, maybe you will find a photo of yourself or friend. I apologise for the bad quality, but I was going through the archives and came across this video. Sorry if  you are not a Joni Mitchell fan, but I am.

Please join us in Singapore for TBLI CONFERENCE ASIA April 29-30 to create new memories.

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How to adopt a Winning Carbon Tax. British Columbia has shown that it can work. Good reading.  British Columbia, Canada, implemented a carbon tax in 1998 and was a success. What can we learn from them.

ESG investments world wide reached $ 21 Trillion, according to Gloabal Sustainable Investment Review 2014, compiled by Global Sustainable Investment Alliance. The report covers all the different strategies.

  • Negative/exclusionary screening,
  • Positive/best-in-class screening,
  • Norms-based screening,
  • Integration of ESG factors,
  • Sustainability-themed investing,
  • Impact/community investing, and
  • Corporate engagement and shareholder action.

How to educate staff about ESG and Impact Investing?

For 15 years, TBLI CONFERENCE™ has been educating asset owners, managers, service providers to financial sector about ESG and Impact Investing. What seemed nearly impossible, namely how do you get those that influence investment decisions to look at the social, environmental and governance impact as well as the financial returns.

It is not that difficult. The financial sector is quite predictable group and needs to see three things before they change behavior:

  • Self Interests-What’s in it for me?
  • Opportunity-Where can I invest?
  • Money Flows-Where is the money going?

If you consistently focus on these 3 points, and cover all asset classes, and do that consistently over a long period, like TBLI CONFERENCE™ has done, you will change behavior, get mandates, and mobilize money.

Come find out how HSBC, BNP Paribas, and Mitsubishi UFJ, among many others  used TBLI CONFERENCE™ to educate staff about ESG and Impact Investing, by using it as a large educational seminar. By attending TBLI CONFERENCE™, financial institutions can educate their staff, get buy-in because staff meets their peers, and generate new business.

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TBLI USA June 17-18, 2013 and $ 4.1 trillion Green Investments


The new green energy czar of New York, Richard Kauffman will be speaking at TBLI CONFERENCE™ USA 2013. Program filling up quickly and getting significant sponsor support. This will be our first event in the US and happy we are holding it on Wall Street. Contact Libby Parella, who is based in New York for details about sponsorship.

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Fourth TBLI Club will be held in Amsterdam, March 13th with Piet Colruyt speaking on Impact Investing. Piet Colruyt is the founder of Impact Capital NV. Mr. Piet Colruyt is an experienced impact investor and a Board member of several companies including Colruyt Group and Korys. Colruyt group is largest retailer in Belgium.

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Money Flows into Sustainable Investments

Green Transition Scoreboard® Finds Over $4.1 T in Private Green Investments

St. Augustine, FL, March 4, 2013 – The year 2013 promises long strides away from the fossil-fueled Industrial Era as illuminated by the Ethical Markets Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) which tracks private investments growing the green economy worldwide since 2007, finding $4.1 trillion invested or committed as of Q4 2012. See full report