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TBLI CONFERENCE Europe 2003 was held in Amsterdam at the beautiful Beurs van Berlage. If you look at the program, TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2003, you will recognise many of the thought leaders in the ESG and Impact Investing. I particularly enjoyed Michael Braungart, Cradle to Cradle: Design for the Triple Top Line, and Robert Monks, CEO, Shareholder Activist and Corporate Governance Advisor – RAGM, and Hirotoshi Kunitomo  from METI – Ministry Of The Economy, Trade And Industry. 

I found an old testimonial film from the archives, which was nice to watch. Quality not very good, so I apologise for that.

TBLI Testimonials

Speaking engagements

Busy year this year. I have been asked to speak at several events. Hope to see you there or at TBLI

Interview Real Leaders

Creating Global Well-being Through The Economy



Check out Freakonomics Podcast on the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund. How it got to be so big ($850 billion) and the dilemmas of trying to invest in sustainability, when most of the money comes from oil and gas revenue.

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