Energy Professionals call for more Renewable Energy

As part of their Better World campaign,, ABB commissioned a Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services survey to ask energy professionals their views on the key energy issues facing the world today. Makes perfect sense. Let’s go straight to the experts: renewable and non-renewable energy producers, energy distributors, end users, consultants, and government/NGO officials working on energy policy. A total of 468 energy industry stakeholders.

The key take-aways…

“76% of energy professionals believe government regulations should require utility companies to produce more energy from renewable sources.”
“89% of energy professionals believe government incentives trump markets in driving energy efficiency uptake by consumers.”
“81% of energy experts think smart grid technology is important for creating a cleaner, stronger system of the future.”
“63% of energy professionals believe the greatest opportunities for improving efficiency in the energy value chain can be found among industrial end users.”

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