How to convince Asset Owners (HNW, Family Offices, Pension Funds) about ESG and Impact Investing.

Did you ever notice that all the studies and anecdotal evidence shows that HNW are actually interested in ESG and Impact Investing? I get constant requests from asset owners  for interesting investment opportunities that provide a financial, social and environmental added value. However, when you go through the so called “gate keepers” (private banks, wealth advisors, wealth managers), nothing happens.
You will hear that “risk management can’t approve”. “We need to invest in established, long term track record, blah, blah”. So, I say, “Oh. You mean European Sovereign Debt, or Stocks which haven’t performed in 10 years, or better yet asset managers, like Madoff ”

How can you get through to asset owners?

I have found, that after 13 years of trying,  the most effective is to reach out directly and indirectly, and by letting them experience the ESG and Impact Investment community, at TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE or ASIA. By allowing them to come, learn and interact with all these financial professionals through educational outreach and actually meet investors, who are putting large sums to work in ESG and Impact Investing, the rest falls into place.

That is why we allow 50 asset owners to come for free. If you are an asset owner and want to learn about ESG and Impact Investing, contact

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