Environmental, Social and Governance ESG investment industry shines the spotlight on financial leaders of tomorrow

LONDON, November 10, 2011 – Right next to Occupy London’s tent City in St Paul’s, some of the “good guys” of the City tonight were praised for their achievements to the environment and society. At the Grange St Paul’s Hotel, ERAPF and 4 other organizations, were given the prestigious ESG Europe Leaders Award in front of representatives of the ESG investment community from 28 countries. The ESG Leaders Awards Europe 2011 are supported by TBLI GROUP(TM) and International Pensions Europe together with partners Thomson Reuters, Aviva Investors Global Services Limited and Bank Sarasin & Cie AG. Awards compere, Ms Joanne Sawicki of Ceres Communications, commended the outstanding achievements of key business players striving to contribute to the ESG financial space.


ESG Leaders Awards Europe 2011 Winners

Award for Best Investor in ESG
Sponsored by Thomson Reuters
Award for Best Asset Manager Investing in ESG – Sponsored by Aviva Investors Global
Services Limited
WINNER: Generation Investment Management LLP
Award for Most Innovative Development in ESG
Sponsored by Bank Sarasin & Cie AG
WINNER: Maplecroft
Award for Best ESG Consultancy/Research House
Sponsored by IPE – Investment & Pensions Europe
WINNER: GES Investment Services
Award for Outstanding Contribution to Development of ESG
WINNER: Mr Ivo Knoepfel


BEST INVESTOR IN ESG – ERAPF Since the beginning of 2005, the ERAPF Board of Trustees has adopted an ambitious SRI policy covering all of the fund’s asset classes. The company’s ESG research providers have successfully monitored implementation of this policy with reviews conducted at a boardlevel on a regular basis. This fund has faithfully demonstrated the importance of incorporating SRI within the investment portfolio, and this as a result has amplified the group’s long-term vision and success rate. It has also created a reputation for itself as a truly responsible investor by being prudent during boom periods and providing liquidity during recessions.
BEST ASSET MANAGER INVESTOR IN ESG – Generation Investment Management LLP
Generation Investment Management, established by David Blood and Vice President Al Gore, has championed an investment style that blends traditional equity research with a focus on key sustainability factors: social, environmental and corporate governance. The company successfully created a top-notch global research platform, integrating sustainability research into fundamental equity analysis. Moreover, it focuses on key drivers of global change including climate change, environmental degradation, as well as other factors such as poverty and development, water and natural resource scarcity, pandemics and healthcare, demographics, migration and urbanization. Generation Investment Management LLP is truly a SRI investment house with a dedicated team of investment professionals, featuring 150 years of combined investment experience.
Maplecroft receives the award as it successfully fostered a remarkable SRI product offer on top of its
already well-renowned research capacities. First and foremost, the organization is “subject expert” with the investment angle as a compliment to its expertise. Judges would like to see more organizations bring such an approach to the SRI research market. Maplecroft also obtained the award for outstanding in-depth competences dealing with environmental and social risks spanning a multitude of countries, and sectors. Reports are top-class and highly valuable to companies, investors and policy makers.
GES (Global Ethical Standard) Investment is a leading provider of SRI research in Northern Europe. The company receives this award for its long-standing expertise, which has been lead by its solid and sustainable management. Furthermore, GES built an impressive client base in the Northern Europe, constantly developing its services with an exceptional Scandinavian touch. Over the past years, its focus on “Engagement” has enabled the company’s “Engagement Forum” to be recognized as a unique and noteworthy client-focused platform. Finally, the company has an excellent corporate communications strategy.
While all shortlisted individuals were equally praiseworthy in their personal efforts to support the responsible investment industry, Mr Knoepfel stands out by the continuous innovation that he brings to the market. He is always independent with a sharp mind and a good sense for new developments. Ivo can even tell you what the market will demand in 2 to 3 years time! Moreover, he has spectacular indepth knowledge of sustainable and responsible investment and understanding of investors’ challenges in terms of implementing SRI strategies across asset classes. He has the capability to bring the investment community together to share knowledge and experiences, while managing to do so in a very unbiased way, which helps the industry grow.

Who is involved?
The TBLI network consists of the most influential and wealthy asset owners, asset managers, sustainability professionals and other in the ESG and impact investing space. Players include: NOMURA, CHEUVREUX, HSBC World Bank, Deutsche Bank, MSCI, and PGGM, to the Carbon Disclosure Project, to name a few.

What is ESG?
According to the Financial Times lexicon “ESG” (environmental, social and governance) is a generic term used in capital markets and used by investors to evaluate corporate behavior and to determine the future financial performance of companies.
ESG factors include sustainable, ethical and corporate governance issues such as managing a company’s carbon footprint and safeguarding systems in place to ensure full accountability.
The investment world has incorporated ESG talk in order to describe the performance of investment and fund portfolios on environmental, social and governance criteria. Fund managers and financial analysts who can interpret and relate ESG factors to a company’s future prospects may potentially develop a competitive advantage should others fail to recognize the same risks or opportunities related to those factors.

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Editorial information:

TBLI GROUP(TM) introduced the idea that a truly sound investment is one that provides both financial rewards and offers social and environmental benefits: Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI).
Based in Amsterdam, TBLI GROUP(TM) raises awareness in the financial sector of the benefits of impact investment. It advises both companies and individuals who wish to institutionalize sustainability and acts as a global educator, providing a network for parties who share in this goal.
The subsidiary TBLI CONFERENCE(TM) draws attention to the benefits of TBLI by organizing two annual events in which the world’s thought leaders on sustainability network, exchange information and ideas on the latest developments in screening, auditing, reporting, ESG, SRI analysis, corporate citizenship, impact investing, indexes, and research.
The subsidiary TBLI CONSULTING(TM) offers result-oriented advisory and networking services, which, among other projects, assists in mobilizing capital and locating strategic partners for leading impact investment private equity funds, micro-finance bonds, and green mortgages.

List of Sponsors
TBLI Consulting B.V.
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