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Busy Summer

Greetings to you all and I hope you have had a restful holiday. TBLI has been exceptionally busy as you can read below. Read more

Fuel Free Energy

It still amazes me with all the proof about the vast opportunity that "fuel free" (renewable energy) offers, that we are still having to fight for the obvious. Lobbyists are working overtime to convince policy makers that fossil fuels still need 10 x more subsidies that renewable energy. Here are three articles providing some facts. Now the trick is transforming proof to belief.
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Impact Investing Goes Mainstream

Good article about the recent announcement of Goldman Sachs to invest $ 40 billion dollars in Clean Energy. Take a look. Either way you look at this announcement, it is money flows which attracts more money flows. Read more

Global Market Renewable Energy

IEA published an overview of all installed renewable energy geographically. Africa produced 98,153 GWh from hydro (including pumped storage), 1307 GWh from wind, 1193 GWh from geothermal, 746 GWh from biomass and 26 GWh from solar photovoltaic (PV). Asia (excluding China) produced 252,091 GWh from hydro, 14,443 GWh from wind, 19,022 GWh from geothermal, 7333 GWh from biomass and 45 GWh from solar PV. China produced 585,187 GWh from hydro, 13,079 GWh from wind, nothing from geothermal, 2359 GWh from biomass and 172 GWh from solar PV. Latin America produced 673,862 GWh from hydro, 1025 GWh from wind, 2972 GWh from geothermal, 29,996 GWh from biomass and nothing from solar. Non-OECD Europe produced 49,114 GWh from hydro, 167 GWh from wind, nothing from geothermal, 345 GWh from biomass and 4 GWh from solar PV. OECD Europe produced 554,211 GWh from hydro, 120,067 GWh from wind, 9932 GWh from geothermal, 79,132 GWh from biomass and 7479 GWh from solar PV and solar thermal. OECD North America produced 703,753 GWh from hydro, 59,784 GWh from wind, 24,070 GWh from geothermal, 59,299 GWh from biomass and 2492 GWh from solar PV and solar thermal. Read more