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Second and Third Generation Solar

After posting last week about polysilicon and China, Robert came over to my desk and pointed out that what I wrote about is first generation solar technology.  He asked if I had looked up the developments in second and third generation solar technology. In all my reading and research on the topic of polysilicon, I had not . So he gave me some tips of what to look for, terms like thin-film solar.. which admitedly, I had never heard before. (remember I'm new!) Some initial browsing provides interesting and encouraging information when it comes to new and better ways of harnessing the sun's energy.  Developments like being able to roll a thin film, with a consistency similar to wallpaper, onto the roof of a house, or a wall. Read more

Polysilicon Dangers

It is no secret that solar panels are in high demand around the world, as they are looked at as a good source for renewable energy. And indeed on the surface, who could argue with the concept that our energy should come from the sun and create zero emissions in the process. Read more

Flying on Biodiesel

It was fairly well documented, back in 1998, that … Read more