Hollywood Actress Maria Bello TBLI 2012

We are honored to announce that Maria Bello, Hollywood actress and activist, will be our keynote dinner speaker at TBLI CONFERENCE™ 2012, Zurich Nov. 8-9.

Maria Bello is an internationally renowned actor and women’s rights activist and the co-founder of We Advance (www.weadvance.org).  We Advance is a women’s movement and NGO based in Cite Soleil, Haiti.  She speaks around the world on social impact investing, Haiti, and women’s rights.  In 2012, she was a keynote speaker at the State Department’s Forum on Impact Investing and also awarded with the Starkey Foundation’s “So the World May Hear Award’. She was named the Goodwill Ambassador for Women in Haiti and leads President Martelly’s Council for Investments In Haiti on a committee for women’s empowerment, social business and poverty alleviation with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus

Come join us at TBLI CONFERENCE™ 2012, and see who will win the TBLI ESG and Impact Leaders Awards during the dinner. Don’t miss it.


Being the market leader in ESG and Impact Investing Conferences, TBLI CONFERENCE™ has accumulated a tremendous amount of data and research. As a result, we have gotten significant requests for ESG and Impact Investing research, presented at the past 19 TBLI CONFERENCES.

Due to these continuous requests for access to conference presentations, we have now made them accessible to all. Just login or register for future updates and you will have full access to thousands of presentations, including audio, video, and power point.


German ESG Market and UNPRI

Just gave two lectures on Impact Investing at FNG (German Social Investment Forum) in Berlin and Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative (PRI) at MN Services, Den Haag.

I was particularly excited to hear about the significant growth of ESG in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, in the FNG report. PRI continues to grow in members, assets signing  the PRI, and many new initiatives including Impact Investing.

Hopefully all the asset owners and managers I met will join us at TBLI CONFERENCE in Zurich, November 8-9, 2012


TBLI Club, TBLI Speaking, ESG Leaders Awards

We launched the TBLI Club in Paris on Sept. 4th at BNP Paribas and held our second TBLI Club in Amsterdam at ABNAMRO. Both were a great success with an excellent talk on Impact Investing by Gloria Nelund, former CEO of Deutsche Wealth Management USA. Her presentation can be found on Pathable for all club members.

“Thanks for the great gathering last week. How did you feel about it? I received good feedback from several people. there was really good ebergy being shared! ” Eric Buckens, ABNAMRO

Busy month this month with speaking engagements on Strategic Importance of ESG and Impact Investing:
-The talk at LH Forum in Le Havre, France September 13-14, 2012 went extremely well. Very large turnout for first time event The aim of the Positive and Responsible Economy Movement, the ambition of the LH Forum, is to bring together the participants of an economy which contributes in a positive manner to society and its different stakeholders; a virtuous, balanced and fair economy placing people at its heart.

Future Speaking Engagements:
-NET Impact Lecture on Social Finance September 20th, 2012 at RSM University
-FNG (German Social Investment Forum) Berlin Sept 24
-MN Service PRI Meeting Den Haag, Sept. 25

TBLI Academy will be announcing a new training course on ESG and Impact Investing that we have developed with MHC International

Looking forward to greeting everyone at TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE  in Zurich, November 8-9 where we will announce the winners of the TBLI ESG Leaders Awards. If you want more details, visit Awards 2012