How to convince Asset Owners (HNW, Family Offices, Pension Funds) about ESG and Impact Investing.

Did you ever notice that all the studies and anecdotal evidence shows that HNW are actually interested in ESG and Impact Investing? I get constant requests from asset owners  for interesting investment opportunities that provide a financial, social and environmental added value. However, when you go through the so called “gate keepers” (private banks, wealth advisors, wealth managers), nothing happens.
You will hear that “risk management can’t approve”. “We need to invest in established, long term track record, blah, blah”. So, I say, “Oh. You mean European Sovereign Debt, or Stocks which haven’t performed in 10 years, or better yet asset managers, like Madoff ”

How can you get through to asset owners?

I have found, that after 13 years of trying,  the most effective is to reach out directly and indirectly, and by letting them experience the ESG and Impact Investment community, at TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE or ASIA. By allowing them to come, learn and interact with all these financial professionals through educational outreach and actually meet investors, who are putting large sums to work in ESG and Impact Investing, the rest falls into place.

That is why we allow 50 asset owners to come for free. If you are an asset owner and want to learn about ESG and Impact Investing, contact

TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE 2011 – 10 and 11 November 2011

Title:  TBLI Conference Europe,

Location: TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE 2011 Grange St. Paul’s Hotel***** London, United Kingdom,

Dates: 10 and 11 November 2011,

The prime annual global networking and learning event on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Impact Investing. ? Theme for 2011: “ESG and Impact Investing: Now More Than Ever!” ? Attendees will be able to determine their preferred workshops during the conference itself and need not register in advance, which may mean some workshops will be (more than) full and others sparsely attended. This remains part of our 13-year conference tradition. ?

Based in Amsterdam, the TBLI GROUP™ raises awareness of sustainable investment in the financial sector, by assisting investors and providing a global network for parties who share in this goal. For more information, visit

Speakers will be available for comment after each session; interviews can also be arranged. For press passes or interviews contact Esther van der Weij: esther (AT)
Tel +31.20.428.67.52*21/M +

This event is made possible in part by the generous support of: Sarasin,
ESG Leaders Award,  ASN Bank,  Buisness in Development,  AVIVA Investors, Thomson Reuters,
ECP International SA, Vigeo, Mn Services N.V, SAM – sustainability investing, Veolia Environmental Services, oekom research AG, ECP International SA, MicroCapital, Novethic, Venture Business Research, Ethical Performance, Blassys, Corporate Register, SRI World Group, SRI World Group, EuroCharity, Eurekahedge, EFFAS, UNEP – Finance Initiatives,  Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen, International Association of Microfinance Investors – IAMFI.

Where can you meet asset owners, network and learn about ESG & Impact Investing?



TBLI Conference



Now for the largest learning and networking event on ESG and Impact Investment!


Meet the following Speakers:

  • Nicholas Parker Chairman – Cleantech Group LLC & Parker Venture Management Inc. – Canada
  • Keiichi Fukuyama – Executive Managing Director – RIPPA (Research Institute for Policies on Pension & Aging) – Japan
  • Hiroshi Komiyama – Chairman of the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. – Japan
  • Hitoshi Takezume – Assistant Director Welfare Policy Division – Japanese Trade Union Confederation – Japan
  • Ian Simm – Founder and Chief Executive – Impax Asset Management Group plc (IAM) – United Kingdom
  • Herta Von Stiegel – Partner and Chief Executive Officer – Ariya Capital LLP – United Kingdom
  • Nicholas E. Benes – Representative Director – The Board Director Training Institute of Japan – Japan
  • Andy Gebhardt – Director – SolAbility – South Korea
  • Hiroshi Tomita – Commodity Derivatives – Carbon Market – BNP Paribas -Japan
  • Geneviève Ferone – Vice-President Sustainable Development – Veolia Environnement – France
  • Julia Kochetygova – Senior Director – S&P Indices – Russia
  • Daisy Zhang – Head of Utility Research, China Utility & Renewable – BNP Paribas Equities (Asia) Ltd. Shanghai – People’s Republic of China
  • Michael Salvatico – Vice President, ESG Client Coverage – MSCI Inc. -Australia
  • Steven R. Okun – Director of Public Affairs-Asia Pacific – KKR Asia Ltd – Singapore
  • Yoshiyuki Makino – Senior Director and Head of S&P Indices – Japan


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ESG Outperforms Market

A white paper by Allianz Global Investors subsidiary RCM studies data compiled by MSCI ESG Research and finds that a portfolio comprised of best-in-class companies outperforms benchmark over five years.
The introduction of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into the stock-selection process not only does not hurt investor portfolios, it shows a probability of outperformance over the longer term.

In a time where performance, value, and non-correlation are becoming more and more relevant to Investors, I wanted to remind you that TBLI will be holding its annual event in Asia and Europe. Come learn why TBLI has grown into the largest and most prestigious ESG and Impact Investing event for learning and networking, in the world.

“TBLI is a battery charger event. It an event that you realize how outdate your thinking has become and it is a crash course. It is a mini green investing MBA. It’s an energizing place it’s got a critical role in defusing the best practice.”

Leo Johnson, Partner PWC

– TBLI CONFERENCE™ ASIA 2011, Sept. 15-16, in Tokyo. At last year’s event, RENGO (Japanese Trade Union association) announced a Euro 450 billion mandate commitment to ESG(Environment, Social and Governance) Investing
-The TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE, November 10-11, 2011, in London.
-Finally, if you would like to learn more about ESG Investing, you can access all the presentations given at TBLI for the past 13 years, free of charge. Access all presentations

Looking forward to greeting you at TBLI EUROPE or ASIA.