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Walking in Springtime

Since the beginning of the year I walk 1 hour and 20 minutes to the office, and back. Today was bright sunny day and crispy cold, wonderful combination for reflection. When the sun shines in Amsterdam, it is the "real Disneyland". Previously, I would bike everywhere, but my son's bike was stolen so I lent him mine. Now I have gotten used to waking everywhere. It is great exercise. Now my pants actually close without a shoe horn, and my belt is tightened to the last hole. This would have been impossible, last month, without bursting a blood vessel.  So the time to reflect and enjoy the beauty that is Amsterdam, sometimes catch up on podcasts, and lose weight have been a great bonus for not having a bicycle. Read more

Impact Investor and Social Entrepreneur

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Millennial Recruitment and Impact Investing

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Work That Matters & Mobilizing a Movement.

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