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Too many thought leaders, not enough thought

Impact Investing has been experiencing quite an explosion of interest by asset owners, asset managers and service providers. Parallel with this there has been a dramatic increase in the number of "thought leaders" or "experts" on Impact Investing. You see them on TV, in newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc. Many only started in this space a few years ago. When I read or listen to what they say, I find a lack of deep thought or reflection. Read more

Relations are not cattle

I am often asked for introductions to investors or thought leaders. If the project meets TBLI's mission and the person behind the project has high integrity, then I am often happy to connect people. Sometimes this works out and provides financial, social and environmental returns, sometimes it doesn't. Ultimately, the experience enriches both. Lately, when I ask relations for an introduction because I am doing a road show, the reception is not as warm. Too many people see their relations as cattle, that they own. The more that they keep to themselves, the more they think they will have. Untrue. The more you share, the more you will ultimately have. Let's connect those that would benefit from those connection and not calculate what is the short term ROI, that you are not getting. Ultimately we all benefit. Read more

Walking in Springtime

Since the beginning of the year I walk 1 hour and 20 minutes to the office, and back. Today was bright sunny day and crispy cold, wonderful combination for reflection. When the sun shines in Amsterdam, it is the "real Disneyland". Previously, I would bike everywhere, but my son's bike was stolen so I lent him mine. Now I have gotten used to waking everywhere. It is great exercise. Now my pants actually close without a shoe horn, and my belt is tightened to the last hole. This would have been impossible, last month, without bursting a blood vessel.  So the time to reflect and enjoy the beauty that is Amsterdam, sometimes catch up on podcasts, and lose weight have been a great bonus for not having a bicycle. Read more

Impact Investor and Social Entrepreneur

Recently I was invited by one of our keynote speak… Read more