Sustainable Investment has no value

Since the financial crisis, it seems that no one wants to compensate anyone for services provided. TBLI is inundated with requests for introductions to investors, advice on ESG and Impact Investing, requests for management briefings, strategic partners, job openings, etc. It has reached epic proportions and it is not limited to us. Nearly everyone I speak to confirms they experience the same epidemic of requests for free advice or payment for success.

Why does it seem that anything related to sustainability is not valued and should be given away for free. Other traditional advisors (lawyers, accountants, strategy consultants) are compensated. Do people believe that sustainable investment (ESG and Impact) doesn’t offer any value, so doesn’t need to be compensated?  There doesn’t seem to be any difference between asset owners (family offices, HNW, pension funds), asset managers, social entrepreneurs, etc. All ask the same? “Let’s meet to share experiences”. ” Do you have time for coffee so I can pick your brain?” “I would like to talk to you about a great investment opportunity and would like to access your network and knowledge”.

Some of the Strategy Consultants are a bit more subtle by reaching out at a cocktail party or through an introduction. Then the seduction starts with the ultimate goal of sucking power point slides out of your brain to cut and paste later and sell to clients.

Recently I was approached by a large company asking for help meeting Impact Investors for a large water investment in Europe. I said we could help and would know who they should meet and asked for our time and knowledge to be compensated. They said “We don’t do that. We would be willing to compensate should something happen.” I told him “if you have a backache and you go to a massage therapist, do you say, if my back pain doesn’t come back in 6 months I will pay you.” He laughed and got the message. Still wouldn’t compensate but he got the message.

Sustainable Investment advice has value and needs to be compensated, particularly if you want someone to commit their time and energy.

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.


Argentina Embraces Wholeheartedly ESG & Impact Investing-TBLI Latin Am 2015 huge success


We held our first TBLI Conference in Latin America and it was spectacular. Excellent speakers, moderators, large number of registrations, and brilliant venue. The Mayor of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, and his team showed great leadership in hosting TBLI CONFERENCE LATIN AMERICA.

I am particularly grateful for their generous support and look forward to working with them in the future. Buenos Aires is a beautiful, welcoming city with great potential to be a centre of excellence in ESG and Impact Investing. Thank you Buenos Aires, the Mayor’s office and Delfina.

TBLI NORDIC 2015 June 15-16, 2015

If you are interested in learning about Value(s) Investing (ESG and Impact Investing). Copenhagen Business School will be hosting our next TBLI CONFERENCE NORDIC.

Register now for TBLI CONFERENCE. Investors receive 1/3 discount (save DKR 3.000)

TBLI is ideal for networking with investors interested in Sustainable Investment.  Ultimately we are creating an global infrastructure for ESG and Impact Investors by educating asset owners and managers


Come learn why the financial sector attends TBLI CONFERENCE.

TBLI Conference stands out from other conferences in the standard of value I received during my attendance. The topics covered, quality of contacts made, deals executed and community generated are noticeably better than other conferences I’ve attended. Thank you Mr. Rubinstein for your vision & execution
Ibrahim AlHusseini (The Husseini Group LLC)

Books, Reports, and Updates

Last week I was in Israel speaking at the First Israel Impact Investing Conference. It was packed, and I was happily surprised that my talk went so well. I never had so many new fans come up to me, after giving a lecture. I was surprised how the Israeli audience fully grasped the humour and content. There was a deep interest in aligning money with values. Great start Ronnie (organiser). Thank you.


Next week very big announcement. Stay tuned! See you in Singapore TBLI CONFERENCE ASIA April 29-30

Reports and Books:

Greening China’s Financial System: Synthesis Report

Transforming Wall Street.

What does TBLI Mean to Me?

I asked some relations who have been coming to TBLI CONFERENCE for years to give some insight into what does TBLI mean to them. Giulio Franzinetti, a dear friend and financial advisor responded. If you have personal stories, please share them.

“Going to TBLI conferences has been of significant value to me personally. I have met some great people and made good friends but the most important thing is the impact it has had on my view of SRI then ESG and subsequently impact investment and those who pursue its real goals. These goals, often poorly represented, have created new hope for those involved and I can only marvel at their achievements.”

TBLI Foundation target 100.000 euros

We launched TBLI Foundation in 2014, to help us scale up our educational outreach on ESG and Impact Investing. I want to thank all of you who have made a donation to TBLI Foundation, some of whom want to remain anonymous. With these contributions, we have been able to double the number of events, partner with business schools and start preparing for further dissemination of our content to a wider audience. I would like to ask for your help in allowing us to reach our goal of Euros 100.000. This will allow us to  to increase our educational outreach and start the process of putting all of our content online, including our network.

Support TBLI Foundation

Those who make a donation will be clearly recognized as TBLI Founder, TBLI Patron, TBLI Supporter, or TBLI Friend.

Levels of Giving:

• TBLI Founder- Euros 5000+
• TBLI Patron- Euros 2500+ up to 5000
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TBLI Nostalgia-Amsterdam, Speaking Engagements, Foundation

TBLI CONFERENCE Europe 2003 was held in Amsterdam at the beautiful Beurs van Berlage. If you look at the program, TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2003, you will recognise many of the thought leaders in the ESG and Impact Investing. I particularly enjoyed Michael Braungart, Cradle to Cradle: Design for the Triple Top Line, and Robert Monks, CEO, Shareholder Activist and Corporate Governance Advisor – RAGM, and Hirotoshi Kunitomo  from METI – Ministry Of The Economy, Trade And Industry. 

I found an old testimonial film from the archives, which was nice to watch. Quality not very good, so I apologise for that.

TBLI Testimonials

Speaking engagements

Busy year this year. I have been asked to speak at several events. Hope to see you there or at TBLI

Interview Real Leaders

Creating Global Well-being Through The Economy



Check out Freakonomics Podcast on the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund. How it got to be so big ($850 billion) and the dilemmas of trying to invest in sustainability, when most of the money comes from oil and gas revenue.