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Fuel Free Energy

It still amazes me with all the proof about the vast opportunity that “fuel free” (renewable energy) offers, that we are still having to fight for the obvious. Lobbyists are working overtime to convince policy makers that fossil fuels still need 10 x more subsidies that renewable energy. Here are three articles providing some facts. Now the trick is transforming proof to belief.
  1. Why Fossil Fuel Companies Hate Solar So Much – CleanTechnica

    2 days ago … We’ve covered these points below (including the specific case study discussed) numerous times before, but this is an…
  2. About Wind Energy / Why Wind Energy – CleanTechnica

    Installed Wind Power Capacity (total and new in 2010; for the world as a … http:// www.wind-works.org/index.html … http://cleantechn…
  3. 7 Arguments Against Nuclear Power (Why It Should Be a NoGo …

    2 days ago … 7 Arguments Against Nuclear Power (Why It Should Be a No-Go) … It certainly summarizes my own 7 reasons for being agai…

World Wealth and Solution to Financial Crisis

According to a recent report by Credit Suisse, (2011 Global Wealth Report) total wealth for the entire world reached US$ 231 trillion and is anticipated to grow even more. By 2016, the entire global wealth will reach US$ 345. The global GDP is about US$ 65 trillion. Global Wealth is nearly 4x the size of the entire global economy.

The definition use for wealth is financial assets plus real assets (mainly housing owned by individuals minus debts. (p. 8 2011 Credit Suisse-Global Wealth Report)

As there is so much wealth in the world. perhaps that could be a solution to the debt crisis and stimulating the markets. If we took 10-15% of all the wealth and used that to pay off the troublesome sovereign debt, mortgage crisis debt, college tuition debt, etc with certain conditions attached.