New Writer on the Blog

    Greetings. This is just a note to introduce myself, my name is Mark and I’ve recently joined the TBLI-Brooklyn Bridge team here in Amsterdam. I’m an internet journalist involved in blogging and podcasting for as long as blogs and podcasts have existed. I’ve been producing my own text, audio, and video reports on under-reported news at since 2000. I also travel regularly to conferences and universities throughout the world to speak about citizen journalism and topics I’m investigating.

I will be writing here on the TBLI blog several times a week on sustainability and CSR topics in the news pointing out items of interest, asking questions, perhaps even sparking debate. So by all means check back often and you’ll find new material regularly, and feel free to comment with whatever comes to mind after reading that item. I’m an audio-visual boy so you can be sure there will be audio and video as well.

That’s all for now… see you around the blog.