Fuel Free Energy Scenarios and TBLI comes to Wall Street

I am excited about doing a second road trip to New York, Feb. 10-17, 2013, to promote the upcoming TBLI CONFERENCE™ USA. We are finally bringing TBLI CONFERENCE™ to Wall Street on June 17-18, 2013. The response has been quite overwhelming. Come take a look and discover for your self why TBLI CONFERENCE™ is the leading convening force of asset owners and asset managers on ESG and Impact Investing, and has been held 20 times over a 14 year period. Register now and save $ 800,–

Renewables Global Futures Report

Renewables Global Futures Report 2013 just published. Showing the potential of Renewable Energy (fuel free ) growth world wide, look at various scenarios. Here is one of the projections. Full Report available here.

Energy Projections 1

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