Out first TBLI CONFERENCE™ USA gave our entire team a huge energy boost.  It was inspiring to hear all the thought leaders coming together and sharing the latest research and thinking on ESG and Impact Investing. The atmosphere, food, location all were great. Especially loved the rooftop cocktail and dinner at Tribeca Rooftop. We had fantastic weather for our outdoor party.

Compliments to our keynote speakers Paul Rose, Martin Rappaport, and Richard Kauffman. All three were inspiring and I want to personally thank them for sharing their passion and commitment. I am particularly grateful to Paul Rose for doubling as moderator and challenging the panel and audience on climate change. Great job!

I personally want to thank our team Frank, Stephen, Stephanie, Iris and especially Libby. You guys make it all look easy. Thank you.

It was especially fulfilling to have my mother experience a TBLI Conference for the first time. Now she can give a better answer to people asking what does your son do, rather than “well he is not a bar playing cards.”

Most important thanks to my wife Rieki who has been a spiritual lifeline. Thank you.


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