TBLI Ambassadors

After an inspiring and successful TBLI CONFERENCE™ in New York we are now moving on to convene TBLI CONFERENCE™ and TBLI CLUB in EUROPE. In addition, we are laying the foundations for expanding TBLI CONFERENCE™ to the Middle East, South America and Asia. To help with this expansion, we have approached a small group of thought leaders in the sector to become ‘TBLI Ambassadors. Their role will be to promote future events, provide feedback for program content,  and mobilize more asset owners to come to TBLI Conference, as part of our educational outreach,

We have been overwhelmed by the reaction of nearly all the potential ambassadors. I want to thank them all for agreeing to help scale up our activities and sharing their knowledge, passion and commitment.  Their bios along with the names of other new ambassadors will be posted  on our website in the coming week.

Thank you all.

TBLI Ambassadors:

Ida Beerhalter • Yvonne Beri • Giampiero Grandi • Ariane de Vienne •Edward Hoare • Grace M. Kataoka • Michael Knagenhjelm • Hans Lak • Noelle-Claire LeCann  • Gloria Nelund • Andrea Christie Pizziconi • Paul Rose • Joanne Sawicki • Joan Trant 

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