Shawshank Redemption vs Wolf of Wall Street

I often have conversations about how could we dramatically scale up the money flows into Values Based Investing (ESG and Impact Investing). Everyone has a secret sauce. If we only research this for 3 -5 years and then analyse the driver and get psychologic feedback, etc., etc. Others say  “all we need to do is capture the impact of past investment and create a guideline to measure that impact, then the money will flow”.  I have often been told “what we need is clear infrastructure to allow transactions to occur in a transparent manner”.  Others say we need more education or we need more research. It seems everyone is looking for the magic bullet. What is that single effort that will unlock the assets of wealth holders?

I think what we need to do to unlock the cash is what TBLI has been doing for nearly 17 years, namely a continuous farming approach. Hunting won’t work. The Wolf of Wall Street is not the model. Hunting will only work when the the financial pack is convinced and has decided to move. Until that time, we just have to keep doing what Andy Dufresne did in the Shawshank Redemption, which was patiently and diligently chip away at the wall as he did to escape from Shawshank Prison.

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TBLI Foundation

The number of supporters for TBLI Foundation is growing and I want to thank all of them.

Why is TBLI unique? 

TBLI goes further in creating an economy based upon well being by creating an ecosystem and community of Value(s) Based Investors. There are loads of inspirational talks around on youtube. What we need is:

  • How to implement?
  • How to empower investors?
  • How to execute?
  • How to Deliver?
  • Who can help me?
  • Where do I find the funding?
  • How can I make the dream a reality?
  • What tools do I need?
  • How can I educate myself about values based investing?

TBLI Foundation through TBLI Conference achieves this.

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