25th Anniversary TBLI CONFERENCE-Celebrating with Friends

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the 25th Anniversary of TBLI CONFERENCE, May 29-30, 2014, here is a film capturing some of the highlights. The full version of the plenary presentations will be available on our website, shortly.

It was a spectacular event. Everyone contributed to the success of TBLI CONFERENCE. It is so inspiring to bring together the ESG & Impact Investing thought leaders and great humanitarians and experience the passion and generosity of everyone. We were overwhelmed by the number of people who came up and asked how they could help TBLI CONFERENCE.

I particularly want to thank our team, Iris, Stephanie, Stephen, Danielle, Libby, and Niels. In addition, all the staff of Credit Suisse, the volunteers, the TBLI Ambassadors, attendees, speakers, moderators and sponsors. You all made TBLI a great success and a joy. Thank you.

Hope you can join us at the other events this year. 

TBLI CONFERENCE™ Series 2014-Building A Global Community Of ESG And Impact Investors

NORDIC (10-11 Sept) – EUROPE (28-29 Oct) – @HULT Boston (17 Nov)

We received great testimonials like this one.

The TBLI CONFERENCE USA 2014 in New York City was inspiring, empowering, and brought people from many sectors together to discuss important sustainability issues and solutions that can only transpire through “collective impact”. Furthermore, discussions focused on developing solutions to emerging ESG challenges. As opposed to other sustainability conferences, TBLI CONFERENCE attendees interacted and engaged at all levels, from CEOs to students and volunteers – everyone was important and included in the discussion.The workshops instigated thought provoking ideas and helped cultivate new connections bringing people with different skill sets together to work on projects. These workshops were not just lectures where CEO’s talked at you but they  were excited to share progress with everyone and welcomed constructive criticism, partnerships, and suggestions as discussions were free flowing as a general curiosity and openness pervaded the atmosphere. The TBLI Conference truly put the “social engagement” in triple bottom line.

Punita Koustubhan

TBLI Foundation

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TBLI FOUNDATION (Stichting TBLI) will serve the global ESG and Impact Investment communities through Conferences, educational services, investor research and tools. Our mission is to increase understanding and awareness of the benefits of a value(s) based financial system, and thus help mobilize money flows into ESG and Impact Investing to ensure a brighter future.

TBLI FOUNDATION supports the ongoing global TBLI CONFERENCE™ Series by making content more broadly available to investment professionals and the public via reports, white-papers and video interviews, partnerships with educational institutions and like-minded nonprofits. The foundation is implementing a digital model to facilitate access to content and interactions in the community.

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