Independence or Interdependence Day

July 4th is the day that most Americans celebrate their independence from the British. For me, it is even more special. It is the day that I married by best friend, Rieki Crins. 20 years ago today we decided to continue our journey as friends and partners, forever. Best decision I ever made. So for those shooting off fireworks today, please think of us while you celebrate Independence Day for us it is Interdependence Day. Enjoy.


Sept 10-11, 2014, TBLI CONFERENCE will be holding its first event hosted by a business school, BI Norwegian Business School has graciously offered to host and jointly organise our event. Hope you can join. 

TBLI Inspiration

I often meet very inspiring people who are doing the heavy lifting, digging the holes and not cutting the ribbons. Working tirelessly without reward or even recognition. I recently met two outstanding men. One is Jean-Louis Kiehl of Cresus who is helping hundreds of thousands of French trying to get out of personal debt. Not glamorous but essential, made even more difficult as there is no central registration for those individuals with bad credit ratings, in France.  The other is Frederik Galtung of Integrity Action, who is building a culture of integrity by supporting citizens and organisations to develop effective systems that promote integrity.  Oh by the way, Frederik has figured out a solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Both men just working at the coal face with complete conviction, under staffed and under funded, but always willing to share, help and inspire. Thank you.

TBLI Foundation

I would to personally like to ask you to help TBLI scale our activities by becoming a Founder, Patron, Supporter, or Friend. Your generous donation will help in our educational mission. We have gotten several organisations who realise the value of our work and we are grateful for that support. Please support our work by making a contribution and we will add your name to the list.

Learn more about TBLI Foundation and our work.

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