TBLI First Academic Partnership

Academic Partnerships with Leading Business Schools

On Sept. 10-11, TBLI will be holding its first conference in partnership with a leading business school. BI Norwegian School of Management will be our partner and we are quite excited at this development. Last year, TBLI reached to many of the leading business schools to form an academic partnership, with the goal of increasing the number of events per year, hoping to integrate some ESG and Impact Investing in curriculum, help raise awareness of students, alumni and faculty.

  • TBLI CONFERENCE NORDIC 2014,  10-11 September 2014,  Oslo/ Norway,  BI- Norwegian Business School
  • TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2014, 28 & 29 October 2014, Amsterdam/The Netherlands, VU University
  • TBLI CONFERENCE @HULT 2014 , 17 November 2014, Boston/USA, Hult International Business School
  • TBLI CONFERENCE@Kellogg-Booth 2015 , 23 January 2015,  Chicago/USA, The University of Chicago
    Booth School of Business,
  • TBLI CONFERENCE@Wharton 2015 (date to be confirmed)
  • TBLI CONFERENCE ASIA 2015, 29 & 30 April 2015,  Singapore, Insead
  • TBLI CONFERENCE NORDIC 2015, 15 & 16 June 2015, Copenhagen/Denmark, Copenhagen Business School

Erika Karp Keynote at TBLI CONFERENCE USA 2014.

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TBLI Foundation

Many other have benefitted from the efforts of TBLI to create a global community of ESG and Impact Investing.TBLI Foundation was set up to help expand our educational outreach of TBLI through additional non-profit funding. Learn more about TBLI Foundation and our work.

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