2015 Year of Reflection and Balance

I wish everyone a balanced 2015, and that we all take some time for reflection. It seems the transition from one year to the next has gotten blurred in this 24/7 life. Let’s think about how we can all work to bring back some harmony in our lives and enrich the lives of people around us. Follow your hearts and your dreams. 

“A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.“

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In Memory of some of the great ones we lost in 2014:

Robin Williams•Philip Seymour Hoffman• Maya Angelou•Mike Nichols• Lauren Bacall•Mickey Rooney.Joe Cocker•Phil Everly•Pete Seeger•Harold Ramis•Sid Caeser•Antony Hopkins•Rik Mayall•Eli Wallach• James Garner•Nadine Gordimer•Richard Attenborough•Joan Rivers•Raymond F. Magliozzi

They and many, many others will all be missed, as they all enriched our lives. One person, who I was close to was Raymond Jablonka, who was my uncle. He was a great man and a real mensch. He didn’t cure cancer or create another social media site that went public. He was just a wonderful human being who loved his family, worked hard, enjoyed his life, and enriched other people’s live. I will miss him dearly, but his spirit, as the spirit of all those who passed this year will live in our memories. Their spirit will manifest itself in many ways. Just pay attention.

Robert Rubinstein
TBLI Foundation

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