What is TBLI?

Over the years, we have received many testimonials and compliments by colleagues who have tried to replicate TBLI, but often missing the secrete sauce. I am also asked “what sets TBLI CONFERENCE apart from the rest?”. The testimonials and replications are always encouraging,  to continue doing the educational outreach, we have been doing for nearly 18 years.

A few weeks ago we held TBLI CONFERENCE@BOOTH/KELLOGG, in Chicago and I was thoroughly happy with the event. Yesterday, one of the participants sent a beautiful email to our team thanking them for organising the event. It was clear that this participant understood what we do,  why we do it, and how the secret sauce works that sets TBLI apart from the rest.

Thank you John.

Dear Robert/Stephanie/Iris,

Thank you for a superlative Conference experience. I was, with gratitude, singing your praises on our Friday conference call last week!

This was one of the very best Conferences I have experienced. TBLI @BOOTH/KELLOGG ’15 has only begun to prove how productive it is, as good follow-up networking ensues. I look forward to exploring and benefiting from the build-out of TBLI, as a conference, an educational resource, a professional, experiental, and informational network.

But “network” is a cold word for TBLI, a place where one feels right at home, truly advancing one’s agenda in harmony with the evolving triple-bottom-line investing community. It was remarkable how you established an atmosphere so conducive to forming and furthering relationship.

Most Sincerely,
John Steven Bianucci
Director of Impact
Iroquois Valley Farms, LLC:

A Growth Stock for the Next Generation


The program and registration for TBLI CONFERENCE ASIA and TBLI CONFERENCE NORDIC  is now online. If you want to join us and take advantage of the early bird discount:

TBLI CONFERENCE Asia, Singapore, April 29-30 register now.

TBLI CONFERENCE NORDIC, Copenhagen, June 15-16 register now.

Want to be a speaker at TBLI NORDIC?

Want to be a speaker at  TBLI ASIA?

Looking forward to greeting you all this year at TBLI.

Robert Rubinstein

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