Dumb, dumber, and dumbest

This week the former CEO of ABNAmro testified at the Commission de Wit. The Commission was set up to study the financial crisis and what were the root causes. Listening to the powder puff questions that the committee was putting forward and some of the nonsensical answers being offered, one could see the process was a joke or staged.
The greatest example of absolute monumental arrogance and sheer stupidity was the testimony of Groenink. When listening to his testimony you want to shout to the roof and confront him with. As Leon said in Curb Your Enthusiasm said “you get in that ass”

The most outrageous thing said, by Rijkman Groenink, regarding the 28 million euro bonus was “I didn’t take bonus money from the shareholders or clients from the bank but from the investors”. What is worse to say something as complete stupid as that or not respond to something as completely stupid as that. Either way, they should have Leon doing the questioning.

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