Walking in Springtime

Since the beginning of the year I walk 1 hour and 20 minutes to the office, and back. Today was bright sunny day and crispy cold, wonderful combination for reflection. When the sun shines in Amsterdam, it is the “real Disneyland”.

Previously, I would bike everywhere, but my son’s bike was stolen so I lent him mine. Now I have gotten used to waking everywhere. It is great exercise. Now my pants actually close without a shoe horn, and my belt is tightened to the last hole. This would have been impossible, last month, without bursting a blood vessel.  So the time to reflect and enjoy the beauty that is Amsterdam, sometimes catch up on podcasts, and lose weight have been a great bonus for not having a bicycle.

TBLI Foundation target 100.000 euros

We launched TBLI Foundation in 2014, to help us scale up our educational outreach on ESG and Impact Investing. I want to thank all of you who have made a donation to TBLI Foundation, some of whom want to remain anonymous. With these contributions, we have been able to double the number of events, partner with business schools and start preparing for further dissemination of our content to a wider audience. I would like to ask for your help in allowing us to reach our goal of Euros 100.000. This will allow us to  to increase our educational outreach and start the process of putting all of our content online, including our network.

Support TBLI Foundation

Those who make a donation will be clearly recognized as TBLI Founder, TBLI Patron, TBLI Supporter, or TBLI Friend.

Levels of Giving:

• TBLI Founder- Euros 5000+
• TBLI Patron- Euros 2500+ up to 5000
• TBLI Supporter-Euros 1000+ up to 2500
• TBLI Friend- Euros 250 up to 1000
Donations accepted via paypal, here

-Donations via Bank Transfer:

Stichting TBLI
Herengracht 450
1017 CA Amsterdam
ING Iban : NL58 INGB 0006 3272 56
Bank nr 6327256


A dear friend of mine, Yvonne Li is founder and CEO of the International China Ageing Industry Association(ICAIA). ICAIA is a premier B2B industry association servicing Chinese and overseas stakeholders committed to building a vibrant Elderly Care industry ecosystem in China.

She is organising a forum in Austin, Texas,  March 30, 2015, and has offered our network  5 complimentary tickets to their forum, for impact investors who may be keen to take part to transform China’s 200 million persons elderly market. Please contact Clinton Wong at cwong@icaia.net for taking up this opportunity or for more enquiries.


  • Gain a thorough understanding of key industry issues, challenges, and opportunities for China’s nascent elderly care
  • Meet, network and collaborate with the most relevant Chinese elderly care professionals, both from China and the US.
  • Identify relevant market needs to form strategic partnership or investment opportunities in China
  • Meet Chinese private and institutional investors who are interested in investing in the US elderly care industry
  • An assessment of current senior housing market conditions and cycles in China
  • Institutional portfolios with a senior living / elderly care theme
  • Technology and innovation – what does the eHealth, smart elderly care technology landscape look like in China
  • Learn about China supply and demand trends
  • How to navigate a web of governmental policies to introduce best practices and operating model for institutional care in China
  • Lessons learnt on crafting successful and sustainable US-China business partnerships

Letters to TBLI

A Lecture with an Impact

Impact investing, ESG investing, scaling up businesses in emerging markets and social entrepreneurship management have been some of the burning topics on the minds of 20 young professionals gathered from all over the world at the Impact Hub in Amsterdam this February, all part of the Frontier Market Scout program organized by the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

One of the most insightful and straight-forward sessions we had was the open-table discussion with Mr. Robert Rubinstein, social entrepreneur, the CEO and driving force behind the TBLI Group. He is not only engaged in educating the financial sector and savvy investors about the benefits of sustainable investments, but is also a guest speaker and lecturer on topics related to ESG and impact investing, sharing powerful stories from his own life and always committed to pointing to the essential, underlying truth behind many of the trends within the sustainable investing industry.

In a nutshell, Robert brought to our class his own diverse knowledge of the sector and life experiences. His contribution managed to energize us to seek more from ourselves and from our future career goals, looking for what truly makes us passionate and having the grit and dedication to follow our hearts.

Beyond discussions about the impact investing sector overall being worth $46 billion in 2014 and growth estimates of 20% compared to 2013, beyond complex, long-term strategies to finance and scale social businesses, one of our main take-away lessons from the two weeks at the Impact Hub in Amsterdam has been meeting the actual doers, people who not only praise the worthiness of the impact investing sector, but who actually walk the talk and invest time and effort into it. Robert Rubinstein’s contagious drive is a perfect proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way. His TBLI Conferences and up-coming leading sector educational initiatives through the TBLI Group are changing the way investors look at sustainability and impact and setting the stage for future growth in the sector.

For those students, academics and professionals interested to listen to a talk given by Robert, he will also be holding a colloquium on “Commercializing Impact Investing” at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey in California this April, 23rd.

Alina Cristina Buteica

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