Recently, I was looking for a new service provider. Iris found a large list of potential web application companies that would meet our needs. What struck me was that most of them were not transparent about their pricing. Most didn’t publish any pricing at all. The vast majority had a link to a demo which would lead to a sales pitch and then possibly a price. Some called me immediately. When I asked for the price and not a demo, I got the sales pitch “this is not a sales pitch, blah, blah.” Few would tell me what was the cost. One did say what the price was, but he made it clear that was not the price. It seems any price was possible. I felt like I landed in “used car land”.

Whatever happened to just being transparent? I see the same pattern among events organisers. Many don’t publish the sponsor rates, what are the sponsor benefits, what is the program, who is attending, and more.

Is there a problem being transparent? Is being non-transparent the new norm, inspite of the global fish bowl that the internet offers and sustainability demands.

Mohamed ElBaradei has a beautiful quote: “If you have nothing to hide, there is no reason not to be transparent”

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“By 2050, the business opportunities for sustainability-focused companies are expected to be between $3 trillion and $10 trillion annually, or up to 4.5 percent of global GDP” Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing:

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