A mensch in Detroit

My son, Sam, sent me an email saying “you have to watch the documentary Searching for Sugarman”. So, I said fine. I will go look for it. He came the next day and we watched it together. It was one of the most moving films, I have ever seen.

It is about a brilliant “unknown” singer, song writer from Detroit, named Rodruiguez. He wrote fantastic songs, made 2 albums, in the early 70’s, that no one bought. Financially a failure, but artistically  pure genius. His record got to South Africa and was distributed (copied) and became the inspiration for many artists who took up the struggle against apartheid.

There were rumours that he committed suicide on stage by blowing his brains out or pouring gasoline on himself. Discovering what ever happened to Rodriguez was the basis of this film. I won’t spoil the movie by telling you what happened. Rodriguez is a great inspiration for all those that work tirelessly, quietly, extremely hard in making life more fulfilling and joyful for others, as well as themselves.

Rodriguez. Thank you for being such a mensch and lifting my spirits, immensely and showing the potential of the human spirit. Rodruiguez’s story inspires all those that are doing the important work that they love, staying true to ourselves, and remaining authentic, no matter what.

To paraphrase Henry David Thoreau “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” Not Rodriguez or me. How about you?

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