Earth Day, Drones and Arthur Rubinstein

I was in Monterey to give a talk on Commercialising ESG and Impact Investing at the Monterey Institute, last week. I really enjoyed being in Monterey and meeting the audience of students and professors, who were all looking to align their personal values with their career. Thank you Yuwei, Erina, and Sarah for the invitation and hospitality.


Next week TBLI ASIA will be held in Singapore, on April 29-30. Come join us. Our keynote speakers Arvind Narula and Ibrahim AlHusseini will inspire you with their vision and amazing projects. Meet many of the thought leaders in ESG and Impact Investing and learn why is there so much interest.

I would be grateful if you would register and/or forward this link or one pager to your network for those who would like to join us. TBLI CONFERENCE ASIA 2015, 29 & 30 April 2015, Singapore

“TBLI is a battery charger event. It’s an event that makes you realize how outdated your thinking has become. It is a crash course, a mini green investing MBA. It’s an energizing place – it’s got a critical role in diffusing the best practice”
Leo Johnson (PWC Partner and BBC Presenter Presenter of the BBC World News programmes “Down to Business” and “One Square Mile”.)

TBLI:Where Investors Meet and Deals Get Done.

Earth Day

My brother, Arthur Rubinstein, had his birthday on Earth Day. Happy Birthday. When we grew up on Brooklyn there was no Earth Day, just Arthur’s special day.  Now we can celebrate both. Hope you enjoyed yourself in a low carbon manner.

Climate Change

Saw a great scalable solution in sequestering carbon through massive tree planing. Bio Engineering wants to plant 1 billion trees a year through the use of drones.

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