Growing Impact Market

We recently held TBLI CONFERENCE NORDIC 2015 in Copenhagen. I thoroughly enjoyed the event.  I want to thank all the great speakers, moderators, and attendees. Very inspiring. Hear two very inspiring ideas:

Arthur Wood of Total Impact Advisors gave a fantastic talk about how  to unlock $1 trillion in money for Impact Investing. He gave us a reality check saying that most of the endowments are not investing in ESG or Impact, but communicating about Impact Investing. He gave a passionate,  clear, understandable analysis of the present situation and how we can create a moon shot program to unlock and allocate investment towards impact. Arthur is always brilliant and funny. Thank you Arthur for your inspiring contribution an actually explaining it in a way that even I understood.

-Years ago, I proposed to the pension funds to offer an opt-out or opt-in option to pensioners regarding ESG commitment. During TBLI in Copenhagen, that idea was being floated around by a private bank as an offering to their HNW client. This would lead to increased money flows into Impact Investing. Fantastic. Perhaps the opt-out or opt-in model will catch on.

See you all at TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2015 in Zurich, November 19-20, 2015.

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