Stewart Armer Keynote

Looking ahead to TBLI CONFERENCE™ ASIA 2010 we are pleased to announce our returning champion, Stewart Armer, will be one of our illustrious keynote speakers.  Head of SRI at BNP Paribas Investment Partners SA, Stewart is currently responsible for the management of a number of sustainable investment products including the S&P rated “FutureVision” global sustainable equity fund and “Fortis L Fund Equity Environmental Sustainability World” which focuses on investing in environmental technologies. He leads an international specialist SRI team, based in Frankfurt, managing a range of sustainable investment products including equity, bond, balanced and specialist global sustainability funds.

As part of our ASIA 2008 conference, Stewart gave a keynote address focusing on problems and solutions in the context of investment in Asia. Instead of trying to summarize his words here, I will instead recommend you listen to this recording of his talk.

As a bonus: His slides from that keynote address.

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