Gate Global Impact Appoints Robert Rubinstein Partner

Pioneer in Impact Investing to Help Grow New Investment Practice Globally

GATE Global Impact, LLC (“GGI”), a subsidiary of GATE Technologies, LLC, announced today that Robert Rubinstein, CEO of Triple Bottom Line Investing, Inc. (“TBLI”) an Amsterdam-based Impact industry consulting firm, has become a partner of GGI to extend the reach of Impact Investing globally through the GATEWAY platform and related services.

Mr. Rubinstein founded TBLI in 1998, as a pioneer in the concept of mobilizing
capital to produce a social and/or environmental benefit in addition to a
profitable financial return. Impact investing has become the recognized term
for this emerging asset class over the past two years. Mr. Rubinstein is well
recognized globally in his efforts to bring this message and commitment to
Impact investing. To this end, he instituted the TBLI Conference™ in Europe and
Asia over the past 12 years.

“We are delighted to partner with Robert in accelerating the delivery of social
and environmental benefits with profitable financial returns globally through
our GATEWAY platform,” said William Davis, president, GATE Global Impact. “The
platform will provide the required content, transaction and metric portals to
support the endeavor.”

“I am delighted to be WORKING with the GATE team”… Mr. Rubinstein’s
organization and network will continue to manage his own organization…. while
working with GATES Technologies.“Their leadership in creating new paradigms for
investment practices across asset classes combined with their commitment to
Impact Investing establishes a perfect partnership.”

Mr. Rubinstein’s appointment follows the announcement of GATE Technologies’
launch of GATE Impact in the United States with a lead $2.5 million investment
from Prudential. Mr. Rubinstein will also join the board of directors of GATE
Global Impact. Gate Global Impact, LLC

GATE Global Impact, LLC is the impact investing-focused subsidiary of GATE
Technologies, LLC. Launched in 2011, GATE Impact provides market infrastructure
and related services for the emerging impact investment industry – public and
private investments with a sustainable social and/or environmental component
that also generate a healthy rate of financial return. [1]


Founded in 1998, the Amsterdam-based TBLI GROUP mobilizes capital for a
sustainable economy. The annual TBLI CONFERENCE, with both an Asian and a
European edition, is the largest comprehensive networking and learning event
for the financial sector on ESG & Impact Investing worldwide. TBLI GROUP offers
corporate academic services and strategy consulting on ESG & Impact Investment.

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