TBLI CLUB Benelux Launch

TBLI CLUB Benelux, a new network for ESG and Impact Investing, had a very successful launch yesterday, with 75 registered guests. We are grateful to ABN AMRO for hosting it, and to Stephen Brenninkmeijer for being our keynote speaker.

Stephen engaged the audience with his experience as an Impact Investor. What were his motivation, experience, succes and failures.
Everyone felt inspired, educated, and made many new relations for future development via the Pathable Networking service provided for all members.

What is TBLI CLUB?

Looking forward to next TBLI CLUB Sept. 5, 2012 with Gloria Nelund of Trilinc Global who will talk about her project to create a regulated retail impact investing private equity fund.

Looking forward to it.
Join TBLI CLUB as individual or corporate member along with ABN AMRO, FMO, MN Services, Rabobank, Robeco, and Triodos.


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