TBLI GROUP™  is dedicated to raising awareness and educating financial professionals on the benefits and opportunities of ESG and Impact Investing.

Our Approach

For 18 years, TBLI Group has been building the ecosystem for the Impact Investing and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) community, providing advisory, educational services and networking events.

TBLI Group’s signature event TBLI CONFERENCE™ is the longest-running and largest global forum bringing together investors, asset managers and thought leaders in sustainable finance. TBLI events are for networking, peer-to-peer learning and finding new business opportunities. More than 30 TBLI events have been held in Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America.

TBLI has raised significant capital for investment by introducing new business partners and mobilizing capital for sustainable investment. The Carbon Disclosure Project is an initiative of TBLI in partnership among other partnerships with SWIFT, ABP Pension Fund, NYSE Euronext, the European Union and other institutional investors. These are examples of many such TBLI initiatives.

Until now, social impact has been driven primarily by non-profits, environmentalists and philanthropists and has only recently grown to mainstream capital markets.

Moving forward, TBLI aims to marry its history and dedication in the social impact space to its expertise in the global capital markets by dedicating practices in four areas:

1.  Advisory services, accessing our current global customer relationships for content;

2.  Due Diligence & Risk Management, i.e, focused on de-risking content for connecting the right project to the right capital;

3.  Research & Database, i.e, Market Information Services – trends in the market;

4.  Technology Infrastructure Connectivity for scalability.

By dedicating resources to transactional services, TBLI will utilize its industry knowledge and connectivity to create an economy where impact drives investment

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