Role of Asset Owners in Addressing Climate Change

Climate Change

United Kingdom Carbon Emissions Rose 4 Percent in 2012  8/5/2013 The Guardian

On July 25, the United Kingdom’s Department of Energy and Climate Change released data documenting a four percent rise in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, reversing a downward trend. Coal produced 39 percent of the UK’s electricity in 2012, compared to 29 percent in 2011.  The four percent rise in CO2 emissions earned the UK the last spot in the European Union (EU) on the list of yearly emission totals, behind Lithuania (an increase of 1.7 percent) and Germany (an increase of less than one percent). The rise in emissions will make it difficult for the UK to achieve its climate change targets.For additional information see: The Guardian

Asset Owner Partnerships 

TBLI Conference and Nexus Europe have agreed to become partners. As part of this partnership, TBLI will include a special session for a ‘Next Generation Dialogue’ in the program of the upcoming TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2013 in Zurich. Nexus Europe will invite their Next Gen HNW members (1000) to attend TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE as guest asset owners.

Who is Nexus?

Nexus is an international network of young investors, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, influencers, and allies who work to grow and improve philanthropy and social impact investing. The network collaborates to advance the potential of next generation leadership across nations and sectors as well as to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship for dialogue, group problem solving and education. The membership includes people from more than 60 countries and hundreds of the world’s most influential families.

I recently got some questions from relations in financial sector regarding our summit the TBLI CONFERENCE™, as to why they  should come. Apart from meeting the thought leaders in the industry and experiencing very effective peer to peer learning, I thought it would be good idea for those who never experienced our annual summit to address those points.

Why should you attend TBLI CONFERENCE™?

This conference is hands on and will help you answer some important questions, such as:

  • How will climate change impact investments?
  • What does ESG mean anyway? And what is Impact Investment?
  • What is the sense of urgency to include ESG in an investment strategy?
  • Which strategies should I consider in the current market environment, and how do I implement?
  • How should I optimize my portfolio in ESG and Impact Investment?
  • What can I expect in terms of risk, return and cost?
  • Can I see  Case Studies on return and risk using ESG strategies?

Register now and save 400 CHF

Scaling Impact Investing


Excited about our upcoming event in Zurich. This will be our 15th European event. Please join us. As part of our educational outreach to asset owners, we have budgeted complimentary passes for accredited asset owners. If you would like to receive guest invitation, please contact iris

Register now with early bird discount of 400 CHF (CHF 850, instead of (CHF 1250)

Speaker submission proposal 

TBLI Ambassadors

We are grateful to have several new ambassadors to help increase the awareness and outreach of TBLI CONFERENCE to the asset owner community. Gloria Nelund,  Michael Knagenheim have agreed to be TBLI Ambassador.

Full list of Ambassadors

Ida Beerhalter • Yvonne Beri • Giampiero Grandi •Edward Hoare • Grace M. Kataoka • Noelle-Claire LeCann • Andrea Christie Pizziconi • Paul Rose • Joanne Sawicki • Joan Trant • Gloria Nelund • Michael Knagenheim • Ariane de Vienne

Impact Investing Project

I recently came across a spectacular impact investing project that meets and exceeds TBLI standards for a great impact project: scalability, simplicity, social and environmental impact, profitability, management, and ease of understanding. The Mawingu Project will  bring affordable electricity and broadband wireless internet into the rural areas of Africa. Check it out and watch the video. Amazing.

LH Forum-Positive Economy

September 25 pm and 26 am, 2013 at the CCI of Le Havre

On the occasion of the LH Forum, a meeting platform dedicated to social entrepreneurs for them to present their innovative initiatives to large corporations and investors will be launched on September 25 afternoon and September 26 morning at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of le Havre city. As an historical partner of the LH Forum, TBLI is happy to invite you to attend the “Carrefour de l’économie positive”.

Social entrepreneurs lie at the heart of a new economic paradigm. They are a source of innovative ideas but often face difficulties in implementing their projects due to a lack of funding and/or mentoring.

You are an asset owner, an asset manager, a CIO of a large corporation or a SME manager…This event is for you. Register here to meet and discuss with social entrepreneurs.

The Charitable-Industrial Complex

Peter Buffet, son of Warren Buffet wrote an excellent op-ed piece in the NY Times. Take a look.

Climate Report on Arctic

Climate Change in the Arctic is moving faster than anywhere else on earth.  This new over-view report from the Apollo-Gaia Project is based on observational data, analysis of feedback dynamics and trend projection.  Implications and consequences of Arctic change are spelled out.  The report is released in two formats, a web-linked PDF and a pair of supporting video presentations.  It can be found here:

Write for TBLI Blog 

I get quite a few requests about writing for the TBLI blog. Let’s make it formal. If you have something well written and interesting on ESG, Impact Investing, Climate Change, Sustainability, send it to me.

TBLI Ambassadors

After an inspiring and successful TBLI CONFERENCE™ in New York we are now moving on to convene TBLI CONFERENCE™ and TBLI CLUB in EUROPE. In addition, we are laying the foundations for expanding TBLI CONFERENCE™ to the Middle East, South America and Asia. To help with this expansion, we have approached a small group of thought leaders in the sector to become ‘TBLI Ambassadors. Their role will be to promote future events, provide feedback for program content,  and mobilize more asset owners to come to TBLI Conference, as part of our educational outreach,

We have been overwhelmed by the reaction of nearly all the potential ambassadors. I want to thank them all for agreeing to help scale up our activities and sharing their knowledge, passion and commitment.  Their bios along with the names of other new ambassadors will be posted  on our website in the coming week.

Thank you all.

TBLI Ambassadors:

Ida Beerhalter • Yvonne Beri • Giampiero Grandi • Ariane de Vienne •Edward Hoare • Grace M. Kataoka • Michael Knagenhjelm • Hans Lak • Noelle-Claire LeCann  • Gloria Nelund • Andrea Christie Pizziconi • Paul Rose • Joanne Sawicki • Joan Trant 


Out first TBLI CONFERENCE™ USA gave our entire team a huge energy boost.  It was inspiring to hear all the thought leaders coming together and sharing the latest research and thinking on ESG and Impact Investing. The atmosphere, food, location all were great. Especially loved the rooftop cocktail and dinner at Tribeca Rooftop. We had fantastic weather for our outdoor party.

Compliments to our keynote speakers Paul Rose, Martin Rappaport, and Richard Kauffman. All three were inspiring and I want to personally thank them for sharing their passion and commitment. I am particularly grateful to Paul Rose for doubling as moderator and challenging the panel and audience on climate change. Great job!

I personally want to thank our team Frank, Stephen, Stephanie, Iris and especially Libby. You guys make it all look easy. Thank you.

It was especially fulfilling to have my mother experience a TBLI Conference for the first time. Now she can give a better answer to people asking what does your son do, rather than “well he is not a bar playing cards.”

Most important thanks to my wife Rieki who has been a spiritual lifeline. Thank you.