Impact Investor and Social Entrepreneur

Recently I was invited by one of our keynote speakers, Arvind Narula, to visit his company in Changrai, Thailand. Arvind is a successful social entrepreneur who has clearly shown you can do large scale for profit Impact Investing projects and have a clear, measurable positive impact on society and the environment. One of his companies, Urmatt, is the largest, contract farming, organic rice producer in Thailand. Urmatt also develops the value add, branding, and distribution of the end product. Arvind has also started Hill Tribe Organics for organic egg production and expanded Urmat’s product line through nutritionally enhanced rice noodle production.

It was a great inspiration visiting the production facility of  Hill Tribe Organics and also seeing his brand new rice noodle factory. His team were all engaged, passionate, and committed. They, like Arvind were working at the coal face, as they say, to improve people’s live and achieve market rate returns for the investors.  Arvind’s passion and commitment in alleviating poverty for the Hill Tribes and his rice farmers through sustainable livelihood (organic egg production, organic rice production) was a great inspiration. The amount of work to achieve his goal is overwhelming. Best part was meeting the chickens who seemed to enjoy picking at our feet(see photo below) and were extremely friendly. What was even more thrilling was that an investment from one of the TBLI Conference Europe sponsors came through the week we were visiting.

Arvind clearly stands out as a successful social entrepreneur. He takes a very pragmatic, simple, low key solution to a significant problem, and just gets on with the job. No fanfare. He focusses on digging holes and avoids cutting ribbons. I asked him what is his big vision. Without hesitation he said “ExpandTribe Organics to all the Hill Tribes in Asia and Latin America”. Go Arvind. We look forward to hosting a TBLI gathering in Changrai.


Arvind Narula’S Keynote Speech TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2014.

TBLI Conference Series 2015 

If you weren’t able to attend TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2014, in Amsterdam, you can access the videos and presentations here

Our ESG and Impact Investing educational outreach continues in 2015 with conferences in Chicago, Singapore, Copenhagen and Zurich. I would like to ask for your help  by sponsoring, attending or speaking  For further information on programs, speaking opportunities and past events, visit TBLI Website .

23 January 2015- Chicago / USA
Hosted by Kellogg School of Management & Booth School of Business
29 & 30 April 2015-Singapore
Hosted by Insead
15 & 16 June 2015-Copenhagen / Denmark
Hosted by Copenhagen Business School
September (dates to be confirmed)
New York, New York
November (to be held in Zurich)

Millennial Recruitment and Impact Investing

For the past 25 years, I have been hearing how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability will be critical for the corporate world on three levels:

  • Finance
  • Personnel
  • Reputation

If a company wanted to attract the best and the brightest and retain that talent, they would have to anchor CSR and Sustainability in all their business processes. When I taught at Rotterdam School of Management on Sustainable Finance, I heard the same refrain, but my course was still one of the few electives at a ranked Business School, at the time. Now the situation has changed dramatically, on the supply side. You can’t find a leading ranked MBA program of Business School that is not teaching Social Enterprise, Impact Investing or Sustainability. Insead, Harvard Business School, Yale University’s School of Management, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Kellogg School of Management, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, NYU Stern, Saïd Business School-University of Oxford, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Haas School of Business-Universtiy of California-Berkeley, Columbia Business School, Hult International Business School, Duke-The Fuqua School of Business, University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Rotman School of Management-Univesrsity of Toronto,  Schulich School of Business, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management-Cornell, and many others. There are even lists so the best business school for Social Enterprises. Business Plan Competitions have sprung up like Hult Prize which offers $ 1 million dollars for best social enterprise plan. Morgan Stanley partners with Kellogg and Insead for the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge

Here is a study on universities teaching social enterprise.





When I visited Wharton, I was told that the most popular club at the Business School was Social Enterprise. Other universities, echoed those thoughts.  It is with that in mind that TBLI has engaged in Academic Partnershps with the leading Business Schools to host TBLI as part of educational outreach to students, faculty and alumni. Those schools include INSEAD, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, NYU Stern, BI Norwegian Business School, Copenhagen Business School, Hult International Business School, Free University Amsterdam, Kellogg School of Management, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Recruitment Opportunity

With all this supply and demand by students, why aren’t the recruiters of the leading corporations and financial institutions positioning themselves as Impact Investing or Social Enterprises advocates or supporters. This is a golden opportunity with so many students wanting to either start their own social enterprises or work for companies that support these initiatives. If student and alumni interest continues to grow, demands on the financial sector (wealth managers, investment banks, asset managers, service providers) and non-financial sector will become equally large. Responding too slow and too late could impact recruitment, client retention and new clients. Seize the opportunity and show the best and the brightest why working for your organisation can achieve both career and fulfilment goals.

TBLI CONFERENCE™ Series 2014-2015


Sept 10-11, 2014, TBLI CONFERENCE will be holding its first event hosted by a business school, BI Norwegian Business School has graciously offered to host and jointly organise our event.  Register Here!


TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2014, will be held on 28-29 October at the Free University Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). Early Bird ends Aug 15, 2014 – save € 295  Register here! 


TBLI CONFERENCE@Hult 2014, will be held on 17 November at the Hult Business School. Early Bird ends Sep 26, 2014 – save $ 250  Register here! 

TBLI CONFERENCE ASIA 2015 will be held on April 29-30 at Insead in Singapore.
TBLI CONFERENCE NORDIC 2015 will be held on 15-16 June, 2015  at Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen.

The following events are planned for 2015 and exact dates will be confirmed shortly:

TBLI CONFERENCE at Kellogg School of Management, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

TBLI Foundation

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Work That Matters & Mobilizing a Movement.

Was having a bit of a bad hair day, or days this week.

I was looking at some new blog postings, interviews, and came across an interview with Seth Godin about his decision to focus on Work that Mattered rather than Work that Paid. It struck me that what I started TBLI and Brooklyn Bridge because I wanted to do work that mattered, and not only work that paid. I had been losing that focus and needed to refocus on the original mission. Work that Mattered. I was re-energized and my hair looked great.

Seth Godin gave a great speech on Tribes and mobilizing societal change, at Ted.

Let’s get back to work that matters.

“The New Social Silicon Valley”

Social leaders have a long tradition of collaborative projects but a business park fully dedicated to third sector innovation has never been experienced in Europe. The Social Innovation Park (SI Park) will host in the Greater Bilbao area of Northern Spain consolidated third sector initiatives and emerging innovation projects aiming to create the new “Social Silicon Valley”. All of them will benefit from the new resources incorporated to this initiative: the Social Innovation Laboratory (G-Lab), the Social Innovation Academy and the Social Enterprise Generator. SI Park is a pioneering infrastructure promoted by DenokInn, the Basque Centre for Social and Corporate Innovation, which provides the best environment for third sector entities to cooperate, learn from each other and to build new
shared enterprises.

For more information visit