How to educate staff and clients about ESG and Impact Investing?

Recently I was talking to a leading data provider who was interested in using TBLI as an ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) and Impact Investing educational platform for their global organisation. They asked me who has used TBLI in the past to educate staff and who has sponsored. I started listing the names and she was quite surprised that so many of the leading organisations have supported us. I had forgotten the number of institutions that have supported our events. Thank you to all those institutions that have supported TBLI to further educate clients and staff. Contact TBLI to discuss our educational package on  ESG and Impact Investing.

Who has sponsored TBLI in the Past?Blog sponsor

Why do so many sponsor TBLI and use it as educational tool?

  • Best and longest running event that covers all aspects of ESG and Impact Investing
  • For Investors by investors
  • Cutting edge content
  • Best opportunity to meet peers
  • Many asset owners and industry thought leaders attending
  • TBLI is the best curator in creating an event that resonates
  • Deals get done as well as education.

TBLI Europe 2014, Amsterdam October 28-29

Investors Receive 50% discount.

All Investors will pay Euros 495, instead of Euros 995. Contact us for discount code to see if you qualify.


Michael Eckhart speaking at TBLI CONFERENCE USA 2014 on Green Bonds and other Capital Market Instruments

Headline News!

Mark Carney: Most fossil fuel reserves can’t be burned

Bank of England governor lends his support to ‘carbon bubble’ theory that coal, gas and oil assets are at risk.

TBLI Foundation

We want to thank several new supporters of our Foundation. Become a Founder of TBLI Foundation. Support the TBLI Foundation to help expand our educational outreach, and create a community of ESG and Impact Investors.  Learn more about TBLI Foundation and our work.


In spite of all the negative news coming out of politicians not showing leadership, parliaments frozen, the financial sector reluctant to embrace so called “extra financial” investments. We continuously see positive signals with regards to market growth, and movement towards dealing with Climate Risk and investing in ESG and Impact.



Videos of Keynote Speakers from previous TBLI Events.

TBLI Friends

Recently a dear friend of mine Mizue Tsukushi, the founder of Good Bankers and often considered the godmother of SRI in Japan, came to visit. It was a joy seeing her and spending some quality time together.  We met many years ago, just about the time when I started TBLI. After reminiscing  on all the wonderful times we had together a warm feeling came over me. We have made many friends who all shared the same passion of creating an economy based upon well being, including: Mizue Tsukushi, George Curby, Tessa Tennant, Mark Campanale, Giulio Franzinetti, John Elkington, Leo Johnson, Toni Symonds, Amy Domini, Barbara Krumsieck, Josh Mailman, Wayne Silby, Wouter van Dieren, Karl Henrik Robert, Michael Braungarten, Jo Sawicki, Ida Beerhalter, Maria Cavalcanti, Mariko Kawaguchi, Stephen Brenninkmeijer, Thierry Sanders, Ian Williams, Angela de Wolf, Robert Barker, Erol Bilecen, Grace Kataoka, Rachel Kyte, Albrecht Matuschka, Michael Madden, Thomas Cauchois, Paul Rose, Ewoud Goudswaard, Gloria Nelund, James Gifford, Paul Clements Hunt and hundreds of others that have helped TBLI along the way with our mission.

To all those friends, family and acquaintances, thank you for helping and giving me the inspiration and strength to persevere and bring TBLI CONFERENCE™ to Wall Street.  Looking forward to greeting you all in New York, June 17-18.