Sustainable Investment in Switzerland

Zurich based onValues released their survey last week entitled “Sustainable investments in Switzerland 2007”.  Here’s an excerpt of the executive summary:

The survey also asked participants to highlight emerging themes for the next 2-3 years. The
most frequently mentioned ones were (in decreasing order of importance):

• Sustainability issues in emerging markets (e.g. infrastructure, energy and
environmental aspects). Participants seem convinced that the combination of
interesting investment opportunities and the huge sustainable development
challenges in emerging markets offers potential for interesting investment products
satisfying both the ‘altruistic’ and the financial motives of investors.
• New materials/recycling
• Sustainable commodities (e.g. timber and second-generation biofuels)
• Microfinance and other strategies to combat poverty (seen as important but leading to
lower AuM than the top themes)
• Healthy living (seen as important but leading to lower AuM than the top themes).

Click here to download the whole thing as a PDF.