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After playing an important role in creating a global sustainable finance movement for the past 16 years with 24 TBLI CONFERENCES, we are excited to see a groundswell of interest in ESG and Impact Investment around the globe, coming from such diverse groups as institutional investors, family offices, HNW, social entrepreneurs and academia.  To help advance the discussion and in line with our educational mission, we are scaling up our activities in ESG and Impact Investing to reach a wider audience – in the financial sector and beyond. In the coming years,
we plan to do the following:
  1. Improve the global outreach of TBLI CONFERENCES – by offering additional events, with increased content on emerging economies.
  2. Broaden the thematic scope of TBLI CONFERENCES by including special sessions on topics of regional and common interest.
  3. Publish the content of TBLI CONFERENCE workshops and plenaries via documentation and white-papers developed in cooperation with business schools,  and  making that content publicly available;
  4. Produce a Spotlight Video Series of 60-80 interviews with thought leaders and practitioners at TBLI CONFERENCE to be distributed online. The aim is to educate the investment community and the public, and to raise awareness on sustainable finance.
  5. Support the integration of sustainable finance into the curricula for business school students and executive education. We are partnering with selected business schools in Europe, Asia and the US.
To assist us in funding these efforts, we have created the TBLI Foundation.  TBLI Foundation is partnering with SharedImpact to receive grants and donations in a tax-efficient manner, as a non-profit entity (501(c)(3)) for donors in the United States, a registered charity for donors in the UK, a registered charity for donors in Hong Kong, and a charitable vehicle for The Netherlands.

I would like to ask for your help in these efforts by supporting TBLI Foundation through SharedImpact.

Thank you.


Scaling Impact Investing


Excited about our upcoming event in Zurich. This will be our 15th European event. Please join us. As part of our educational outreach to asset owners, we have budgeted complimentary passes for accredited asset owners. If you would like to receive guest invitation, please contact iris

Register now with early bird discount of 400 CHF (CHF 850, instead of (CHF 1250)

Speaker submission proposal 

TBLI Ambassadors

We are grateful to have several new ambassadors to help increase the awareness and outreach of TBLI CONFERENCE to the asset owner community. Gloria Nelund,  Michael Knagenheim have agreed to be TBLI Ambassador.

Full list of Ambassadors

Ida Beerhalter • Yvonne Beri • Giampiero Grandi •Edward Hoare • Grace M. Kataoka • Noelle-Claire LeCann • Andrea Christie Pizziconi • Paul Rose • Joanne Sawicki • Joan Trant • Gloria Nelund • Michael Knagenheim • Ariane de Vienne

Impact Investing Project

I recently came across a spectacular impact investing project that meets and exceeds TBLI standards for a great impact project: scalability, simplicity, social and environmental impact, profitability, management, and ease of understanding. The Mawingu Project will  bring affordable electricity and broadband wireless internet into the rural areas of Africa. Check it out and watch the video. Amazing.

LH Forum-Positive Economy

September 25 pm and 26 am, 2013 at the CCI of Le Havre

On the occasion of the LH Forum, a meeting platform dedicated to social entrepreneurs for them to present their innovative initiatives to large corporations and investors will be launched on September 25 afternoon and September 26 morning at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of le Havre city. As an historical partner of the LH Forum, TBLI is happy to invite you to attend the “Carrefour de l’économie positive”.

Social entrepreneurs lie at the heart of a new economic paradigm. They are a source of innovative ideas but often face difficulties in implementing their projects due to a lack of funding and/or mentoring.

You are an asset owner, an asset manager, a CIO of a large corporation or a SME manager…This event is for you. Register here to meet and discuss with social entrepreneurs.

The Charitable-Industrial Complex

Peter Buffet, son of Warren Buffet wrote an excellent op-ed piece in the NY Times. Take a look.

Climate Report on Arctic

Climate Change in the Arctic is moving faster than anywhere else on earth.  This new over-view report from the Apollo-Gaia Project is based on observational data, analysis of feedback dynamics and trend projection.  Implications and consequences of Arctic change are spelled out.  The report is released in two formats, a web-linked PDF and a pair of supporting video presentations.  It can be found here:

Write for TBLI Blog 

I get quite a few requests about writing for the TBLI blog. Let’s make it formal. If you have something well written and interesting on ESG, Impact Investing, Climate Change, Sustainability, send it to me.


After fourteen successful years, TBLI is proud of its global network consisting of successful forerunners in ESG and Impact Investing. Together with our partners we are determined to continue working towards our long-term objective: to help shaping the future of a sustainable economy, revolutionizing attitudes towards environmental, social and governance issues, and mobilizing more capital towards ESG and Impact Investing.

We have cause for optimism as we witness more and more financial institutions placing ESG and Impact Investing higher on their agendas. Especially now, in the current times of tough decisions on how the industry will shape up to the future.

It has become increasingly important to find creative solutions to funding growth. Building on the inspiration and generous support from our network, TBLI will now scale up its activities by mobilizing the support of its FRIENDS.

By joining our investment expert network FRIENDS of TBLI™ with a financial contribution (starting from €250) you will markedly help us scale up and finance the innovation of our services. You will also be entitled to a number of benefits offered exclusively for members.

We thank you for your commitment and are looking forward to a fruitful and continued cooperation with you in the future. Your friends are our friends, especially with FRIENDS of TBLI™!

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