Work That Matters & Mobilizing a Movement.

Was having a bit of a bad hair day, or days this week.

I was looking at some new blog postings, interviews, and came across an interview with Seth Godin about his decision to focus on Work that Mattered rather than Work that Paid. It struck me that what I started TBLI and Brooklyn Bridge because I wanted to do work that mattered, and not only work that paid. I had been losing that focus and needed to refocus on the original mission. Work that Mattered. I was re-energized and my hair looked great.

Seth Godin gave a great speech on Tribes and mobilizing societal change, at Ted.

Let’s get back to work that matters.

“The New Social Silicon Valley”

Social leaders have a long tradition of collaborative projects but a business park fully dedicated to third sector innovation has never been experienced in Europe. The Social Innovation Park (SI Park) will host in the Greater Bilbao area of Northern Spain consolidated third sector initiatives and emerging innovation projects aiming to create the new “Social Silicon Valley”. All of them will benefit from the new resources incorporated to this initiative: the Social Innovation Laboratory (G-Lab), the Social Innovation Academy and the Social Enterprise Generator. SI Park is a pioneering infrastructure promoted by DenokInn, the Basque Centre for Social and Corporate Innovation, which provides the best environment for third sector entities to cooperate, learn from each other and to build new
shared enterprises.

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