Energy Professionals call for more Renewable Energy

As part of their Better World campaign,, ABB commissioned a Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services survey to ask energy professionals their views on the key energy issues facing the world today. Makes perfect sense. Let’s go straight to the experts: renewable and non-renewable energy producers, energy distributors, end users, consultants, and government/NGO officials working on energy policy. A total of 468 energy industry stakeholders.

The key take-aways…

“76% of energy professionals believe government regulations should require utility companies to produce more energy from renewable sources.”
“89% of energy professionals believe government incentives trump markets in driving energy efficiency uptake by consumers.”
“81% of energy experts think smart grid technology is important for creating a cleaner, stronger system of the future.”
“63% of energy professionals believe the greatest opportunities for improving efficiency in the energy value chain can be found among industrial end users.”

Namaste Solar and Obama

During President Obama’s signing of the $787 billion dollar stimulus package, one of the special guests at the ceremony was Blake Jones, founder of Namaste Solar.  Jones previously worked in the oil and gas exploration industry until he decided to change his focus to renewable energy.  Among his company’s accomplishments, installing a smart-grid system throughout the University of Colorado campus, and installing solar panels on top of the Denver museum.

Here’s a video of Jones’ speech during the ceremony with the US President and Vice-President looking on.