TBLI CLUB Benelux Launch

TBLI CLUB Benelux, a new network for ESG and Impact Investing, had a very successful launch yesterday, with 75 registered guests. We are grateful to ABN AMRO for hosting it, and to Stephen Brenninkmeijer for being our keynote speaker.

Stephen engaged the audience with his experience as an Impact Investor. What were his motivation, experience, succes and failures.
Everyone felt inspired, educated, and made many new relations for future development via the Pathable Networking service provided for all members.

What is TBLI CLUB?

Looking forward to next TBLI CLUB Sept. 5, 2012 with Gloria Nelund of Trilinc Global who will talk about her project to create a regulated retail impact investing private equity fund.

Looking forward to it.
Join TBLI CLUB as individual or corporate member along with ABN AMRO, FMO, MN Services, Rabobank, Robeco, and Triodos.


Welcome to the TBLI CLUB


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I would like to take the opportunity to cordially invite you or your company to join a new initiative of TBLI GROUP™ called the TBLI CLUB™. In a nutshell, this will be a member’s only mini-version of the TBLI CONFERENCE™ on a local level, providing face-to-face as well as virtual networking opportunities year-round for active players in the industry. At four TBLI CLUB™ events per year, members will meet an exclusive circle of dedicated ESG and Impact Investment professionals, investors and asset managers, who come together to heighten their investor profile, meet new business partners and draw inspiration.

We are very pleased to announce the Launch Event of TBLI CLUB™ in Amsterdam, featuring keynote speaker Stephen Brenninkmeijer. Stephen is a pioneer in Impact Investing and will be sharing his knowledge and experiences on May 2, 2012 at ABN AMRO Amsterdam. We are proud to welcome ABN AMRO as the first corporate TBLI CLUB™ member; ABN AMRO will kindly be hosting the upcoming event.

We would very much like to also welcome you or your company as a member of TBLI CLUB™. Please note there are individual as well as corporate membership packages available. Below, you will find further information on this initiative and a link to register online.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Robert Rubinstein




TBLI CLUB™ addresses both individuals and companies working in ESG and Impact Investing. It will be launched in Amsterdam. In due time, the initiative will expand to other financial hubs.


TBLI CLUB™ members are invited to join four exclusive TBLI CLUB™ events over the span of one year. A private members only exclusive format, TBLI CLUB™ events will offer participants the chance to network and discuss current issues under the backdrop of an inspiring keynote speaker.

As a special feature, regular members can register at no cost and for the entire duration of their membership to the online networking service “Pathable” (www.pathable.com).

TBLI CLUB™ membership also includes access to a range of exclusive information services on ESG and Impact Investing. Members are invited to profile their thoughts and best practices on the member’s only website.


To become a member please register online here. TBLI CLUB™ membership including registration on Pathable is valid for 12 months.

Choose from the following options:

1. Individual Membership: €500*. Special TBLI CLUB™ LAUNCH RATE for 2012 only

2. Group Membership: 10% discount for four or more persons registering jointly as TBLI CLUB™ members

3. Corporate Package: €4,000*. Join TBLI CLUB™ and register on Pathable with up to 10 persons. Logo appears on TBLI CLUB™ website and printed material of all events

4. Taster: €100*. Get an impression of a TBLI CLUB™ event and become a regular member later. Your Taster fee will be deducted from the your membership fee.

*(excl. VAT)

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We have had a successful start to FRIENDS of TBLI, but also quite a few inquiries to specify what exactly the benefits of Friends of TBLI are. We have now added a more detailed section on these benefits, which I am including together with the original text on the FRIENDS of TBLI. The list of those Friends who don’t want to be anonymous, will be posted on our website shortly.

Thank you for your help.


After fourteen successful years, TBLI is proud of its global network consisting of successful forerunners in ESG and Impact Investing. Together with our partners we are determined to continue working towards our long-term objective: to help shaping the future of a sustainable economy, revolutionizing attitudes towards environmental, social and governance issues, and mobilizing more capital towards ESG and Impact Investing.

We have cause for optimism as we witness more and more financial institutions placing ESG and Impact Investing higher on their agendas. Especially now, in the current times of tough decisions on how the industry will shape up to the future.

It has become increasingly important to find creative solutions to funding growth. Building on the inspiration and generous support from our network, TBLI will now scale up its activities with the launch of FRIENDS of TBLI and the TBLI CLUB.

The TBLI CLUB will bring together sustainable finance thought leaders. It offers, alongside virtual networking tools, quarterly events in various financial capitals, starting in Amsterdam, with the mission to inspire, share experience about ESG and Impact Investing and provide focused networking opportunities. Annual membership fees are 500 Euro per person or 4000 Euro for corporate membership.

By joining our new investment expert network FRIENDS of TBLI™ with a financial contribution (starting from €250) you will also help us scale up and finance the innovation of our services. You will be entitled to a number of benefits offered exclusively for members.


All members, regardless of their number and level of contributions, will be listed on the TBLI Websites, unless indicated otherwise.

€250 – €500 Contribution

-10% discount on TBLI CLUB Membership for one year

€500 – €1000 Contribution

-10% discount on TBLI CLUB Membership

-30% discount on one TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE or ASIA for one year

€1000 – €2500 Contribution

-25% discount on TBLI CLUB membership for one year

-30% discount on TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE and ASIA for one year

€2500 – €5000 Contribution

-50% discount on TBLI CLUB membership for two years

-60% discount on TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE and ASIA for one year

-1 free Grand Dinner pass for both TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE and ASIA for one year

-Sustainable Finance private advisory session with Robert Rubinstein

 €5000 and above

-Free membership for TBLI CLUB for two years

-Free conference passes for both TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE and ASIA for one year

-2 Free Grand Dinner passes for both TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE and ASIA for one year

-Sustainable Finance private advisory session with Robert Rubinstein

To join the FRIENDS of TBLI™ click Yes I want to become a Friend of TBLI

Thank you for your time and hopefully support.

Robert Rubinstein


KNSM-Laan 53

NL-1019 LB Amsterdam