Happy New Decade!

The Decade of transitioning from Responsible Investment to Investing 2.0

For several decades, ESG and Impact Investing has been heralded as the way to address societal and environmental challenges. Present state of affairs must bring into question the efficacy of this strategy. The following challenges seem insurmountable.

  • Climate Change Destruction
  • Biodiversity loss
  • Water Shortage
  • Food shortage
  • Health Crisis (Diabetes)
  • Income Inequality
  • Pollution
  • Threat of War
  • List goes on.

One can only conclude that ESG and Impact are either too weak and not effective, or they are not large enough, or the entire methodology of environmental, social, governance, and financial risk and reward need to be redesigned.

TBLI will be focussing on this debate. Come join us and Frame the Future Design.

Here is a fantastic speech which questions many of the assumptions philanthropists and impact investors had. This speech led to the publication of his excellent book Winners Take All. Enjoy and Reflect. If you want to get to the hear of the matter, jump to 26:00
Anand Giridharadas: The Thriving World, The Wilting World, & You

“Going slower in the wrong direction is not progress”

Rober Rubinstein

TBLI Foundation to help Scale ESG and Impact Investing

Over the years, while we’ve been organizing educational Conferences, training and events on triple bottom line investing for financial professionals, we’ve seen the TBLI community grow. Many people have told us how they’ve benefited from our work; you may be one of those. And interest in ESG and Impact Investment continues to rise—a development we’re very happy about!

We’ve been exploring different ways to scale our work and serve a larger community, and have determined that a non-profit foundation, with a primarily educational mission, is the optimal structure.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the TBLI Foundation, a non-profit that will help us to serve the ESG and Impact Investment community more effectively and comprehensively. The TBLI Foundation (Stichting TBLI) has been created under Dutch law.

Our mission is to help mobilize money flows into ESG and Impact Investing, by offering conferences, educational services and investor research and tools

TBLI Conference Series

Starting in 2014, TBLI Foundation will financially support TBLI Conferences. Content from the ongoing conference series will be made more broadly available to investment professionals and the public via reports, webinars, white-papers and video interviews. Partnerships with educational institutions and like-minded nonprofits will also be created. The geographic scope of the conferences will expand to emerging markets.

Importantly, the Foundation will implement a digital model to facilitate access to content and interactions among participants in the community.

TBLI Foundation is also establishing academic partnerships with selected leading international business schools to host the conferences, with participation expanded to include students and alumni. To date, TBLI academic partners include Wharton, NYU Stern,  BI-Norwegian School of Management, Copenhagen Business School, Kellogg School of Management and Booth School of Business, Hult Business School, Free University Amsterdam, Florida International University;  several others will be confirmed shortly.


TBLI Conferences will be expanded to a broader audience, including wealth holders (institutional investors, private investors, family offices), finance professionals, social entrepreneurs and business students.

Content from TBLI Conference workshops and plenaries will be more widely published. Content will be expanded in cooperation with TBLI to business school partners.

Spotlight Video Series of 60-80 interviews with TBLI thought leaders and practitioners will be distributed online.

TBLI will support integration of sustainable finance into the business school curricula for students undergraduate, graduate executive education students in Europe, Asia and the North America, initially.

What We are Asking of Donors

am asking you as one of TBLI’s committed participants to become a TBLI Founder, Patron, Supporter, or Friend. Financial support will help us scale up our work and evolve our operating model. We are seeking € 750.000 to support our implementation of a nonprofit structure combining digital tools with conferences and content produced in partnership with academic institution partners. That initial funding will enable the Foundation to begin generating sufficient revenue to become self-sustaining. 

Support TBLI Foundation

Those who make a donation will be clearly recognized as TBLI Founder, TBLI Patron, TBLI Supporter, or TBLI Friend.

Levels of Giving:

• TBLI Founder- Euros 5000+
• TBLI Patron- Euros 2500+ up to 5000
• TBLI Supporter-Euros 1000+ up to 2500
• TBLI Friend- Euros 250 up to 1000

Donations accepted via paypal, here

-Donations via Bank Transfer:

Stichting TBLI
Knsmlaan 53
1019 LB Amsterdam
ING Iban : NL58 INGB 0006 3272 56
Bank nr 6327256

If you require a tax efficient channel, TBLI has partnered with the global donor-advised fund SharedImpact to offer individual supporters of TBLI in the United Kingdom and the United States a tax-efficient channel through which they can make donations to TBLI.  For more information visit Shared Impact

Thank you.

We are extremely grateful for your support.

Robert Rubinstein

TBLI Foundation