Thoughts for the New Year

This year flew by so quickly that I don’t even remember it starting. It was a a great year for TBLI and the Values Investing Community. It seems that the focus has shifted from the why to the how. More and more investors, wealth holders, pension funds, family offices, Next Gen, are discovering that they can use their investments to address social and environmental challenges and achieve a financial return.

We were extremely busy traveling in Europe and Asia, to help expand the values investing community. As a result of all these efforts, we now have two dates for TBLI CONFERENCE. The European Event will be held in Zurich at Volkshaus, June 12-13 and the Asian Event will be held in Singapore at SMU, Nov. 7-8. Save the dates.

Here is a small overview of our travels:

  • Keynote address in Hong Kong at the Asian Family Office Association
  • Extensive presentations in Hong Kong
  • Lectures in Beijing and Shanghai
  • Keynote at Social Investment Forum in Beijing
  • Bangkok presentations on SDG Investing
  • Family Office Event in Dubai
  • World Business Angels Forum Istanbul
  • Dutch Business School Lecture
  • Roadshows in London
  • Roadshows in Stockholm
  • Co-authored Book on ESG Investing published
  • Impact Park Milan Keynote address and Chairing panel
  • Family Office Wiesbaden
  • Keynote Shanghai Asset Allocation
  • Wedding Beirut
  • Chairing session London African SME Conference
  • Chairing Impact Investing Lunch London
  • Keynote Zug Impact Summit
  • Roadshows in Zurich arranging TBLI EUROPE 2019, ZURICH, June 12-13
  • TBLI Inspiration Weekend Scotland
  • TBLI Dinner Paris
  • TBLI Nordic 2019 Stockholm
  • Keynote in Milan for Global Thinking Foundation
  • Chairing PE Afternoon Lunch Zurich
  • Keynote Chantilly Global Youth Forum
  • 3 day road show Singapore arranging partners and date for TBLI ASIA 2019, Nov. 7-8

I need a long sleep. What was inspiring of all these meetings, talks and road shows was the passion, support and enthusiasm that greeted me everywhere. People knew TBLI and responded extremely well to the story and were all very complimentary of our work for the past 25 years. I always say we are an overnight success after a quarter century.

I want to thank Greta Thunberg for saying the Radical Truth at the COP 24 in Katowice, and reminding us that we won’t wait for the policy makers. If you haven’t seen the speech, watch it now. Go Greta!

Great Read for the holidays

This is a great book about the real life experience of living and working in Bhutan over a time period of 25 years. Rieki Crins tells the story of falling in love with the country as a graduate student and coming back many times to establish a hotel school for young Bhutanese. What happened next – see the title. Engaging and full of vivd stories from a time and place that no longer exist.
Order now. Perfect Christmas Gift for you, friend or family.

The Gift that keeps Giving – TBLI Foundation

If you have benefited from the activities of TBLI, I would like you to support the TBLI Foundation by making a contribution to our non-profit entity.   This will allow us to continue our educational outreach and provide scholarships to social entrepreneurs to attend TBLI Conference. For those that need a tax efficient channel (United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United States) TBLI can offer that through Shared Impact. Thank you.
From the TBLI team, we wish you all an enjoyable, inspiring and prosperous New Year and let’s make 2019 the year where finance shows true leadership in dealing with Climate Change.